Lesson 537 is the 537th chapter of the Gintama series.


In a flashback, Yamazaki was threatening Sasaki, only to be knocked down by Hijikata. The Mimawarigumi chief remarked to Hijikata how the Roshigumi was quickly united, asking for its leader's name, which Hijikata replied: "Kondou Isao. Our general." The scene then changed to his wife mailing Sasaki about Kondou and their unborn child before Matsudaira intervened.

Conversing with Matsudaira, the two talked about the upcoming mission of the Roshigumi, in which the group had to guard the Hitotsubashi family. In fact, they had to let the insurgents kill the family and commit seppuku for it. Noting that it was not their job, Sasaki contemplated about being the real samurai.

Later, Okita demanded Kondou and Hijikata a new name for the group, claiming that they were no longer ronin. When they ran into Sasaki, he asked them what kind of samurai they wanted to be. Kondou responded that they did not know. Believing that there is more than one way to become a samurai, he encouraged the Roshigumi to choose their own paths and renamed the group "Shinsengumi."

At present, Matsudaira was captured by the Mimawarigumi. Seeing the scene, Kondou seemingly gave up and prepared to be shot by Sasaki. Nevertheless, the "Mimawarigumi" capturing Matsudaira began attacking the real Mimawarigumi and Hijikata arrived just in time.


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  • Sasaki Isaburo: (Referring to the Roshigumi and Kondou Isao) You have changed, haven't you? These stray dogs barking in all different directions, in just a few days, are now howling at the Heaven as a pack because of one wolf is mixed with them.
  • Kondou Isao: It's very possible that even if we become samurai and it comes time to die like a samurai, we still won't have an answer to that... but that's alright. What I think is there is more than one way to be a samurai.
  • Kondou Isao: (To the Shinsengumi) I think that lost, troubled posture you have when you're trying to find your place is what a samurai is. So keep searching. Keep struggling. From this maze-like era flooded with all kinds of things, choose your own true, honest path and push forward. Yes, our name is... the Shinsengumi!


  • The color page of this Lesson is based from the famous Star Wars franchise.
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