Lesson 523 is the 523rd chapter of the Gintama series.


Following the arrival of the Tendoshuu and the Naraku, the Shinsengumi also came to aid the Shogun. With their arrival, the Naraku was forced to withdraw. In reaction to the Tendoshuu's announcement to enthrone Nobu Nobu, Shige Shige opposed it, claiming that this country no longer had a master, but only puppets. He believed that everyone had their own rules, and he did not mind to be the last Shogun if he hindered their ways of living.

In a flashback, Shouyou taught a young Nobume in jail, which was opposed by Oboro. Answering Oboro, Shouyou said that he did not fight against the heaven, but himself. He mused about human and their weaknesses and stated that people had more freedom than he thought. At present, Oboro told Gintoki and Takasugi to continue fighting if that was their fate as Shouyou's disciples.

Afterwards, everyone gathered and took care of each other. Kagura brought a heavily injured Gintoki out of the tunnel and laid him down. Before everyone's worried eyes, he dragged out from beneath his clothes a torn Jump issue Hattori gave him earlier, which had apparently took the stabs for him, and offered it to the ninja with half price. Hattori smiled, asking how he could read it.


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  • Tokugawa Shige Shige: I will return to this country with my own feet. With my comrades.
  • Yoshida Shouyou: One is not only toyed with and suffers because of their weakness. You can face your weakness, and suffer while trying to resist and change it. Those little samurai taught me that. People have more freedom than I thought.
  • Oboro: Go ahead and resist. If that is your fate as that man's disciples, go ahead and continue to resist with those broken swords.
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