Lesson 510 is the 510th chapter of the Gintama series.


On a spacecraft of the Kiheitai, Ayame had come to rescue a severely injured Hattori by killing his attackers with kunais. Other members of the Oniwabanshuu, led by Wakikaoru, also came to protect Hattori, as Ayame brought him out of the battlefield.

Meanwhile, while running away from the Harusame on a bridge, the Shogun noticed the spacecraft and thought of Hattori, wondering if he was using the lives of his comrades as stepping stones, and how he should have protected his friends, especially Hattori. Gintoki replied him that neither Hattori nor the Shogun would die there because they had their pals with them.

On a field, Hattori told Ayame that they had made a mistake, for the enemy turned out to be stronger than they thought, and that he was not suited to be cared by her in his final moments. He intended to give up and die there, yet Ayame told him to continue running, as there was a duty he had to finish as a friend: To come back alive and get back to Edo with everyone.

Back to the Yorozuya and the Shogun, they were attacked by several members of the Yato Tribe. Shinpachi and the Shogun slid down the wall, while Gintoki and Kagura were initially captured by the Yato people before Hijikata and Kondo came to aid the Yorozuya. After everyone had escaped from the bridge, more members of the Yato gathered on the place, as though they were waiting to attack.


Characters in order of appearance


  • Hattori Zenzou: (Referring to his death) Cats don't let people see their ends.
  • Sarutobi Ayame: (To Hattori Zenzou) The duty you absolutely must fulfill still hasn't been carried out yet. To live and go home with the Shogun and with us. To go back to Edo together. Before being Oniwabanshuu and before being the Shogun... That is a duty we have to fulfill as friends.
  • Sakata Gintoki: I got the feeling I saw some light through the spaces in those rocks, but that light still looked far off.
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