Lesson 505, named Villains and Policemen (悪党とおまわり, Akutō to o mawari) is the 505th chapter of the Gintama series.


On the real Shogun's spacecraft, Okita protected Soyo-hime and slaughtered all of the traitors. Kamui then appeared, claiming to be his comrade. At the moment, in the ship carrying a fake Shogun, everyone was killed by the Kiheitai. There, it was revealed that the Kiheitai had infiltrated the shinobi and scattered its people in every group. Takasugi told the double that he had no interest in the Shogun's head but his limbs, and ended the double's life with a kunai.

Back to the spacecraft, Kamui had killed everyone on board so that he and Okita would be able to fight without worrying anything. He tried to shot Soyo-hime with his umbrella, but Okita had sliced the bullet in halves before it could strike her. They began fighting by stabbing their weapons in the other's chest and quickly broke them. Kamui kicked Okita to a wall, and the latter seemed to have lost his right hand. In fact, it was from a dead body, and he stabbed Kamui in the hand with the remains of his sword, which he had been hiding in his right sleeve. At the same time, Okita sent a kunai at Kamui's face, whereas the other punched his face.

Suddenly, the ship exploded, as bombs had been planted there. Okita told Maizou to bring a fainted Soyo-hime to escape in a lifeboat, as more Yato people turned up. Before they could attack him, Hattori stopped them, saying that he had got the Shogun's head.


Characters in order of appearance

  1. Okita Sougo
  2. Tokugawa Soyo
  3. Kamui
  4. Abuto
  5. Kawakami Bansai
  6. Kijima Matako
  7. Takasugi Shinsuke
  8. Rotten Maizou
  9. Hattori Zenzou


  • Kamui: I'm one hell of a villain.
  • Okita Sougo: Don't make light of Earth's policemen.


  • The title of this Lesson refers to Kamui (the "villains") and Okita Sougo (the "policemen.")
  • Kamui's line "I'm one hell of a villain" is possibly taken from a line of Sebastian Michaelis in the manga Kuroshitsuji, in which his catchphrase is: "I'm one hell of a butler."
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