Lesson 479 is the 479th chapter of the Gintama series.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Continuing the previous lesson's flashback, Mutsu stated that her action was only an exchange. She then surrendered herself to the Chidori rebels. At present, she demanded to fully collect what she was owed. After Gintoki had cleared off the deck, she proceeded to search inside the ship, and was quickly trapped inside by the rebels.

In the past, Mutsu showed no fear of dying when she was forced to jump off the ship. However, contrary to her belief, Sakamoto refused to leave and was captured, and the escape pods were shot down. Mirroring the past, the present Mutsu fell down under the Chidori's hand. Annoyed by Sakamoto's reaction, an angry Chidori leader stated how the pirate group fell apart because of Mutsu. Sakamoto was enraged at the pirate's words and knocked him down, demanding to have her back.

On the brink of their deaths, Sakamoto complimented Mutsu on being a fine merchant right on her very first deal. In all of a sudden, the other slave ships pointed cannons at the mothership. It turned out that the pods were empty, and the freed slaves had outnumbered and took control of the smaller ships. Explaining his intention not to leave Mutsu behind, he called her a diamond.

While so, having played dead, the present Mutsu defeated the rebels in a flash. This attracted Gintoki's attention, and he soon realised that she was a Yato.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Sakata Gintoki
  2. Mutsu
  3. Sakamoto Tatsuma

Quote[edit | edit source]

  • Mutsu: Losing change is a failure unbecoming of a merchant. This time, I'm gonna collect what I'm owed in full. Down to the last yen.
  • Sakamoto Tatsuma: (Referring to Mutsu) I'm a merchant. If you just pay up, I'll sell you a ship or a bag or whatever with a smile on my face. But no matter how big your sacks of cash are, as customers that don't know the value of that stone, as scum that doesn't know the value of a comrade, there's no way in hell I'd give her to you. Now may I please have her back, sir?
  • Sakamoto Tatsuma: (Referring to Mutsu) Now, you're no pirates. And ya ain't just a rock. What ya are is something that let out a faint glow inside a rock I found on the ground. Diamond. A jewel called a comrade.
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