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*[[Ikeda Asaemon ]]
*[[Ikeda Asaemon ]]
*[[Ikeda Yaemon |18th Ikeda Yaemon ]]
*[[Ikeda Yaemon |18th Ikeda Yaemon ]]

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Title: Hijikata disappeared at the End of the Mayonnaise Line Grim Reaper Saga


Yaemon's plot is revealed.


Okita explains to the group that all those related to the previous Ikeda Yaemon were being killed as a way for the current Ikeda Yaemon to be accepted into the Hitotsubashi faction. Asaemon refuses to believe Okita’s words even with the appearance of several men with swords. Kagura tries to shift all the blame to Gintoki to his great annoyance.

Okita warns the men that no matter if they are the subordinates of the next shogun he will have them answer to this case to what they order Asaemon to kill all of those present as they take out their swords. The men try to persuade Asaemon using her will to protect the house and the reason why she cut her father’s head. As she hesitates and recalls previous moments the men become impatient and Gintoki shuts one of them up by shoving his wooden sword inside his mouth. At his action, the men wave their swords to cut down Gin only to be blown away.

Okita comments how Gin doesn’t want to hand his head to no one but he rebuts that the one who will have his head is “another idiot beheader”. As they fight, Gin preaches to Asaemon to stop hesitating and she scares Gin into believing she was attacking him. She states that she now understands the reason for the previous head to save him and they join forces. Asaemon intimidates the men into revealing the location of Yaemon but he appears stating his disappointment in Asaemon for following the same steps as the previous head.

Yaemon asks Asaemon if she became a traitor to what she answers that the traitor is Yaemon.


  • Sakata Gintoki: If it’s a shinigami you want, there’s one right here, you buncha criminal pigs.
  • Ikeda Yaemon (previous head): What cuts away sins and saves the souls are just humans
  • Sakata Gintoki: Even if you need to use that sword as a cane, move forward!


  • Hijikata Toushirou disappears somehow
  • Ikeda Yaemon’s real objective is explained


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