Yorozuya and Tsukuyo helps a former Tayuu find her look for her former client who she made a promise with.


The chapter starts with a young woman who tells her customer that she envy the moon. The next day as dawn approches the night will be sweeps away. She tells her customer that it would be best that the moon never disappear. The man tells her to meet again in front of the sakura tree when the next full moon arrives.The two exchanges their vows with their strand of hair tying each other finger. The man vows to meet her again when the next full moon arises.

The next scene cuts  to Gintoki, Tsukuyo and Hinowa who they were talking about the legendary courtesan Suzuran. Her beauty and talents has gain her popularity that she surpass the celestial maiden. Hinowa tells Gintoki that Suzuran has invited him to thank him for saving Yoshiwara. 


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