Tapir King turns out to be Tama herself. Tama believes that the Leukocyte King is unable to attack her due to her appearance, Gintoki then sends a flying kick into her face. Gintoki continues to hit Tama under the belief that the archfiend talks to long and that this person isn't Tama herself. To prevent Gintoki from hurting Tama anymore, he again begins to quarrel with him and then suddenly Tama turns into the former Leukocyte King, Fortega, the father of the current Leukocyte King because she beliefs this will soften their hearts and prevent them from attacking him/her anymore. But unfortunately it's a complete failure and now he gets kicks from all the three Yorozuya. Anyhow, after this he falls from his balcony, and is now disattaced from Tama's system. Gintoki and the others use this chance to defeat him, but then he turns into a big monster and because Kagura and Shinpachi are now pixled and Gintoki slowly as well, the Leukocyte King and Gintoki decide to work together and defeat the Tapir King.



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