Almost the entire episode is shown from the perspective of several people sitting in front of a street vendor called the Whinery. Several characters, such as Gintoki, seemingly appear to stop at the street vendor's stand to have a drink. Soon after, more people begin to join. Eventually, the customers' identities are revealed, and no one is as who they actually seem to be. 


The chapter begins with a man showing up at a street venders stand where people come to complain, drink, and eat. However, there are four rules that the street vendor asks for to be followed: to come alone, to feel free to share anything, and to feign ignorance if an acquaintance or friend appears. Soon enough, the man is seemingly revealed to be none other than Sakata Gintoki. Afterwards, several people appear afterwards, who was implied to be Hijikata Toushiro because of his mayonnaise addiction, Kondo Isao who the street vendor called Gori-san, and Shimura Otae, who was nicknamed Pony-chan. With these four together, catastrophe is ensured and everything falls apart. At the end, the street vendor is seen closing up his shop, and counterfeit Gintoki and counterfeit Otae are alone left together with hints of romance between. They hold hands and run off to another bar, and their faces are revealed, which discloses that they had similar attributes to the real Otae and Gintoki. The two run off together passing by the real Gintoki as he comes out from a bar, and wonders who those two people were.



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