Yorozuya and Katsura compete to see who has the best pet of Edo.

Episode 15


Gintoki is pulling Sadaharu's leash but it won't even budge. The two of them were having a walk but Gin's having a bad time since Sadaharu won't obey him. Katsura appears and scolds Gin because he can't even make his pet follow him. Katsura is together with his pet, Elizabeth. Katsura tells Gintoki that Elizabeth is from Sakamato. After a small confrontation between Gin and Katsura, each one goes to his own way, with Gin left in shock because of Katsura's remark on Elizabeth that she is very cute. Back in the Yorozuya the gang has a discussion about pets, when they see a commercial in the TV about a competition for the cutest and strangest pet in Edo. The Yorozuya decide to enter the competition with Sadaharu and plan to get the money prize to pay off Otose.

Catherine, who is now working at Otose's shop, is currently watching television when Otose arrives. Just then, Gin and othe others are broadcast in the television that surprises Otose. The show is in live broadcast and the host interviews them and the next contestant appears which is, Katsura and Elizabeth. The contest is about the first one who will get the bone first will be declared the winner. When the race begins, Sadaharu goes after Gin instead of the bone, so Kagura uses Gin as a bait and throws him towards the bone. Gin lands on Elizabeth and tries to hold her from getting first to the bone. Katsura and Sadaharu catch up to them and they have a big fight. At the end something is coming outside of Elizabeth's mouth resembling a human much to everyone's surprise and especially to Katsura's. The broadcast is interrupted immediately, leaving Otose and Catherine in a suspense.

Quotes Edit

  • Katsura Kotarou: "If you can't even get one animal to follow you freely, then how do you expect to be able to change the world?"
  • Sakata Gintoki: "Just looking at it by itself isn't so bad but it's paired up with you, it's creepy. That is to say... You are creepy."
  • Kastura Kotarou: "How can you hate something that doesn't have any philosophy or thoughts?"
  • Shimura Shinpachi: "A simple existence of a pet is supposed to provide peace and tranquility. You're not supposed to demand anything in return."

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