Shinpachi is shocked to see his #1 idol is in a relationship.

Episode 30


Shinpachi is crying, listening to Otsuu's newest single, together with his fellow club members. They are discussing about the song when one of them had a suddenly vomits blood and hands the newspaper to Shinpachi. Then Shinpachi read the newspaper and is shocked to see Otsuu together with a man named, Goemon and it says that they were going out.

Back in Yoruzuya, Gintoki is complaining wanting to watch the drama rerun and Kagura tells him that Shinpachi is acting weird. Shinpachi is tearing the calendar's pages with a deadlook on his face. Gintoki tells him to stop but when he heard that Ketsuno Ana is married, he joins Shinpachi and they both enter a depression state. Just then someone rings the doorbell, Shinpachi opens the door and is surprised to see Otsuu. She requests for the Yoruzuya to help her since she is threatened by one of her fans to break up with her boyfriend, who is the lead singer of a band, Goemon, or he will kill her. The Yorozuya agrees to help her and sticks to her the following days.

While Gin and Shinapachi are sitting, Gin tells him it's useless trying to act cool since Otsuu is inlove with Goemon. Shinpachi then tells Gintoki how he met Otsuu and said that he wants to do something for her. Kagura arrives and calls for Gin and saying that she saw Pinko. Hearing that, Gin and Kagura rushes off. Shinpachi goes to the toilet when he heard someone talking. He suspects that it was Goemon. Shinpachi heard how Goemon takes advantage of Otsuu. Angry from what he heard, he opened Goemon's cubicle with his sword and is about to hit Goemon when Gin stops him and tells him to take a picture instead as it shows that Goemon fainted due to his excessive fright seeing Shinpachi's rage. Shinpachi told Otsuu the truth and the other fan club members arrives and tell Otsuu that they support her no matter what happened. Otsuu thanked him but mistakes his name at first.

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  • Sakata Gintoki: "A girl in love is like a wolf. They don't see anything but what's in front of them."
  • Shimura Shinpachi: "I can't do much but I want to do something for her."

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