Yorozuya helps an Amanto to keep his lake safe from being remodeled to a golf course.

Episode 21


The Yoruzuya are fishing in a lake when Kagura caught a kappa. Gintoki and Shinpachi are shock. Gintoki kicks it away and orders the other two to forget what they've seen. They are about to leave when the kappa grabbed Shinpachi's foot and demands them to pay for his glasses that they broke. Kagura and Gin run but the kappa gets a hold of them before they can escape.

The three of them of are kneeling and the kappa tells them that they should have apologized instead of running away. Shinpachi apologizes first and the kappa, named Ebina, gives him a biscuit as a reward. He let them off saying that it was okay since at least the plate on his head is safe. He is about to go back to the lake when a golf club hits the plate on his head. It is "accidentally" thrown by the owner of the area, who is frequently threatening Ebina to get away from the lake because he wants to fill it with dirt to turn it in a huge golf course.

Ebina protested but at the same time feeling embarrassed. He refuses to leave saying that this isn't just his but also 'hers'. The owner ignores him and left him with a threat. Ebina starts explaining his side and tell them he was an Amanto and why he likes the lake. After hearing the story, later at the night, the Yoruzuya dresses up as kappas. They scare off the owner and his workers. The next day, Gin informs Ebina that the lake will be safe for some time. Ebina asks him if it was he but Gin just avoided the question.

Quotes Edit

  • Sakata Gintoki: "No matter how ugly something is, there are always one or two good points about it."
  • Ebina: "People feel the most alive when amongst their family or even a group of strangers... I found a place to live, yet it was as if I had died."

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