Yorozuya and the Shinsengumi battle each other to see who will be the best spot for the Hanami(flower-viewing) Episode 125


Yoruzuya together with Shinpachi's sister, Otae are together for Hanami. Otae offers them her bento which turned out to be burnt eggs but were actually tamagoyaki.

Otae forces Gintoki to eat it since he insulted her cooking while Kagura ate it while chanting that if she didn't eat, she'll die. Kondou suddenly appears out of nowhere, saying that he'll take the food and he earned a smack from Otae. Gintoki orders Shinpachi that he should report Kondou, the stalker, to the cops but Shinpachi answers him that Kondou is a cop.

Then the other Shinsengumi appears. Hijikata tells Gin and the others to move since it's their 'special' spot but apparently Gin refused. Kondou tells them to leave too except for Otae. Their argument end up with a contest. Sogou decided the game which was called 'Hit and Cover, Rock, Paper and Scissors Tournament".

The players from the Shinsengumi are Kondou, Hijikata and Sogou, on the other team are Otae, Gin and Kagura. Yamazaki and Shinpachi serve as the judges. The first match is between Kondou vs. Otae. Otae is paper and but Otae takes the hammer and starts chanting. Ignoring the rules, she hits Kondou and lose his consciousness. The next players are Kagura and Sogou who are already playing with incredible speed, Hijikata brags about Sogou being the best swordsman and Gin also brags that Kagura is one of the Yato. Shinpachi scolded them and asks why they were drinking, Gin answers him that they're having a match already.

On the other hand, Kagura and Sogou, were not playing anymore and started brawling and back at Gintoki and Hijikata, both of them are already drunk and decided to play 'Slash and Dodge Rock Paper Scissors' to settle the scores. Gintoki won by scissors and tried slashed Hijikata but it turned out to be a tree while Hijikata was playing with Sadaharu. They were too wasted to even play. Yamazaki and Shinpachi sighs, looking at their leader. In the end they all enjoyed Hanami together with everyone.

Quotes Edit

  • Shimura Tae: "Men should just shut up and eat!"
  • Shimura Shinpachi: "A hanami is better with lots of people after all."

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