Hasegawa gets a new job after losing his old one.

Episode 16


Kagura appears, chewing a sukonbu and sitting with Hasegawa in a bench.Kagura asked him why he is there and he tells her that he lost his job and advisea her. Kagura looks at him and says that she don't want to hear something like that from him. She waved goodbye to Hasegawa and called him a useless old man, in short, a 'Madao'.

Hasegawa, then, starts to narrate his life and what happened to him after he lost his job. And after talking to Gin, he starts taking job interviews, but it fails because of his shades. Gin tells him to take it off and so he did. He starts wearing normal glasses, and he was able to work as a taxi driver. He and Gin met once again and he was his customer. Suddenly, Prince Hata calls for the taxi and asks to take him to the Edo Zoo park. As they try to take him to his destination being extremely careful in order to not let the Prince recognize them, a man steps in front of the taxi to stop it and begs Hasegawa to take his wife who is ready to give birth to the nearest hospital. The hospital is in the opposite direction of the zoo, so Prince Hata orders Hasegawa to take him to the zoo saying that he doesn't give a damn about human beings. Hasegawa punches him out of the taxi and takes the couple to the hospital. As a result, Hasegawa loses his job once more and is having another conversation with Kagura in the park. Kagura insults him again before leaving with Sadaharu.


  • Hasegawa Taizou: "When things heated up, I let my body do the thinking."
  • Sakata Gintoki: "Idiot. Don't blame it on the shades. If you trip and fall from a rock, does blaming help anything?"
  • Sakata Gintoki: "If thing tie you up so you can;t move, then try twisting everything around at once.
  • Kagura: "Don't think that you can sound cool just because you use a word like 'inept' you jobless bum."


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