While Gintoki successfully saves Kimiko, Kagura and Shinpachi are captured by the Harusame.

Episode 13


Gin encounters Daraku, who is a member of Harusame. He tells Gin how he can't forgive three things, someone who gets in his way, someone who doesn't wash his hands and lastly someone with a natural perm, which all describes Gin, then he strikes him.

Gin defeats all the underlings and he takes the girl who turned out to be the daughter of his client and the one they were searching for. As he makes an exit out of the toilet, he is ambushed by more pirates and notices that they have captured Shinpachi and Kagura. Having trouble as he holds the woman with his one hand, he gets stabbed in his left shoulder by Daraku and is thrown off the window all the way to the ground.

The scene changes during the war years ago and shows Gin carrying Katsura in his back, surrounded by dead bodies. A skeleton then speaks and tells Gin to abandon Katsura since he is a burden and Gin might end up dying too, He said that even if Gin killed all the enemies, what's left is just a mountain of corpses, and he is powerless to protect someone.

Gin wakes up from that nightmare. Katsura enters the room and makes a comment how unusual for Gin to have nightmares. He is about to ask why Zura/Katsura was there when he suddenly remembers Kagura and Shinpachi. He gets up but he coundn't since he have a bad condition because most of his ribs were broken. Katsura notifies him that Kimiko was safe and avoided some external injuries since Gin protected her. Katsura tells Gin about the drug that was illegally sold called "Tensei-Kyou". Katsura also tells him how he's fellow Jouishi saw them when they fell. Gin learns that Daraku was from the Harusame Space Pirates which is the largest crime syndicate in the galaxy. While Katsura is explaining, Gin dressed up and told Katsura that even if it is a burden, he can't abandon them. After hearing Gin's statement, Katsura decides to help him.

Quotes Edit

  • Skeleton: "Someone like you can't protect anyone."
  • Sakata Gintoki: "A person's existence is like bearing a heavy burden while moving forward on a long road."
  • Sakata Gintoki: "Just abandoning them would be easy but no matter what i can do, I can't feel that way. If they weren't around, just walking around or whatever would become rather boring."
  • Katsura Kotarou: "Your right arm can't carry the entire burden. From now on, I'll be your left arm."


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