I always return the favour, seven for three.
Kurogoma Katsuo

Kurogoma Katsuo (黒駒 勝男) was the leader of the Dobunezumi Group, an organization under direct control of one of the 4 Devas, Doromizu Jirochou. After Jirochou stepped down from his position at the end of the 4 Devas arc, it is unknown what happened to Katsuo and the Dobunezumi Group. He seems to care a lot about his dog, Meru-chan.


Not much is known about Katsuo's past, but he himself seems to know alot about his boss Jirochou and his past with Otose.[1] It is therefore believed that he was recruited early on to Jirochou's gang and became the junior leader at some point.


He has brown hair, black eyes and a distinctive facial scar going down from his forehead, between his eyes to his left cheek. He is very self-conscious about his hair and always divides it 7 to 3. He thinks his hair is look like Joe Odagiri and that fashion always come back in cycle.


Katsuo seems to be the standard yakuza-type who exploits and threathens people for money.[2] He does, however, show another side to him when it comes to his dog, Meru-chan, which he shows great affection towards. He believes that 7 to 3 is the Golden Ratio that forms the basis for the entire universe and that everything will work out if it's divided by 7 to 3.[3]


Katsuo has been featured in various mini-arcs and appeared very early on in Gintama, when he and the ]Dobunezumi Group started trouble at the Male Host club because they wanted Honjou Kyoushirou to hand over the club to them so they could make money out of it. However, with the help of the Yorozuya, the situation was resolved and they stopped harassing the male hosts.

His most notable appearance was in the 4 Devas arc, where he englightened Gintoki about Jirochou and Otose's past. As a junior boss under Jirochou, he first fought beside Chin Pirako against various inhabitants of Kabuki-chou, but was also protective of Otose and was one of the first to realize that the Shinra along with Kujaku Hime Kada was the real enemy. After the events of the arc, it is unknown what happened to him and his gang, but a final image shows them walking the streets together, as a sign that they might still be active, just not under Jirochou's command.[4]


  • His name is based on Kurokoma Katsuzo 黒駒勝蔵.

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