Kitaooji Itsuki (北大路 斎) is one of the 4 Devas of the Yagyuu Family whom they serve and protect.


Itsuki has a slicked back hair, he also wears glasses and a typical japanese Kimono.


He has a fiery personality, getting easily worked up as seen when with Hijikata during the Yagyuu arc. He isn't the type to fight by instincts, instead planning his attacks, being more of a thinking swordsman. He also show some fanaticism towards ketchup, being almost in par with Hijikata's mayonnaise addiction.


Yagyuu Arc

During the battle at the Yagyuu household he lost against Hijikata Toushirou.

Silver Soul Arc

Together with the rest of the Yagyuu clan he appeared to aid the Kabuki District in their fight against the Altana Liberation Army. The 4 Devas tried to fight against the enemy leader Ougai, but were outclassed by the Dakini's sheer power.



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