Basic info

Bespectacled, sickly older sister of Urara. Due to her weak constitution which required that she stay indoors most of the time, she doesn't have many friends, unlike her outgoing younger sister.

It is implied that she is of blood type A in Episode 128, same as Hijikata Toushirou and Kondou Isao, although Hijikata assumed wrongly in the beginning that she is of blood type B (although in the anime the blood type is censored out, it can be easily derived by matching the typical characteristics with the relevant blood type groups).


She has maroon brown colored hair and dark brown eyes. She wears glasses and a blue kimono with orange leaves.


Shy and withdrawn, Kirara used a picture of her sister in her mail in a bottle because she thought no one would reply if she used one of herself.



Friends & Allies


Correspondence Arc

Kirara had to spend most of her time indoors because of her weak constitution. This ultimately led her to send out a mail in a bottle in order to get a friend and a penpal. After a series of events, Shimura Shinpachi of the Yorozuya ended up becoming this friend, as seen in Episode 128.


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