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Kinya (禽夜) is a high-ranking Amanto Bakufu official rumoured to have an "extremely close relationship" with Daraku's organization.


Anthropomorphic frog-like appearance. Ends all his sentences with kero, which is a Japanese onomatopoeia associated with frogs.


Shinsengumi was assigned to protect him at his residence because word got out that the Joui rebels are out to get him.

Kinya refused to heed Commander Kondou's advice on not walking around in the compound unnecessarily. In spite of this, Kondou still fulfilled his duty of protecting Kinya by walking alongside him. At that moment a Joui rebel fired a shot directly towards Kinya, which the astute Kondou blocked by using his body, saving the official but sustaining serious injury himself. Instead of being grateful, Kinya insulted Shinsengumi, prompting Okita Sougo to nearly draw his sword on Kinya, if not for the fact that Vice Commander Hijikata Toushirou was standing nearby and stopped him.

Eventually, both Okita and Hijikata decided to use Kinya to lure the Joui rebels out by tying him to a stake in the compound. As expected the Joui rebels appeared and the entire Shinsengumi, under Commander Kondou's direction charged towards them.


  • It possible that he is or was part the Tendoshu due to the uniform he's wearing.