The Kihetai (鬼兵隊, lit. Army of Demon Soldiers) is an Jouishishi extremist group, whose main goal was to overthrow the Bakufu and destroy the "rotten" world at any cost. Having overthrown the Bakufu, their current goal is to put an end to the Tendoshu's control of the country, later supporting humanity to end Utsuro's chaos.


Originally an army of volunteers founded by Takasugi Shinsuke during the last years of the Joui War, the Kiheitai used to consist of young men who wanted to participate in the war. One of these soldiers was Hiraga Saburou, the son of Hiraga Gengai. After the samurai had lost the war, numerous Kiheitai members, including Saburou, were executed in a post-war purge by the Bakufu. As a result, the group went underground and became more Jouishishi-extreme. Since then, it focused on overthrowing the Bakufu by any methods possible and became wanted criminals.

Benizakura ArcEdit

Shinsengumi Crisis ArcEdit

Patriot Reunion Party ArcEdit

To kill Takasugi's former comrades, the Kiheitai, mainly Takechi Henpeita and Kijima Matako, set up a trap under the guise of a "Patriot Reunion Party." Assuming the name of Kurokono Tasuke, a presumably deceased Joui participant, they invited Katsura Kotarou, Sakata Gintoki and Sakamoto Tatsuma to the party, where they used sleep-inducing gas to capture Katsura and Sakamoto.

As a horrified Gintoki kept himself in the tatami room, Takechi and other members, disguising as basketball players, cornered and attacked him with gas. However, they were defeated by Gintoki, and Matako was forced to release the other two samurai by the real Kurokono.

Shinigami ArcEdit

Prior to the death of the 18th Ikeda Yaemon, the Kiheitai had, presumably, affiliated with the Hitotsubashi Faction.

Shogun Assassination ArcEdit

Together with the Harusame, Kihetai helped the Hitotsubashi faction to assassinate Tokugawa Shige Shige.

Rakuyou ArcEdit

Silver Soul ArcEdit

Returning to Earth, Kiheitai arrived in time to help Earth from Utsuro and the invading Amantos who wants to destroy Earth.



Matako mug
Kijima Matako
来島 また子
Takechi mug
Takechi Henpeita
武市 变平太


Hiraga-saburou mug
Hiraga Saburou
平賀 三郎
Okada-nizou mug
Okada Nizou
岡田 似蔵
Kawakami mug
Kawakami Bansai
河上 万斉
Takasugi mug
Takasugi Shinsuke
高杉 晋助
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