Introduction[edit | edit source]

Ketsuno Seimei and Ketsuno Crystal, with Shirino Douman behind the lamppost

The Ketsuno family is a longstanding onmyoji clan with powers that involve foresight. Ketsuno Seimei is the current head of the clan and uses his powers to keep an eye out for any future disasters and ill omens that might affect the Bakufu and Edo. His sister, Ketsuno Crystal, is a weatherlady who was previously married to Shirino Douman, a member of the Shirino clan who are also onmyoji and rivals of the Ketsuno clan.

Members[edit | edit source]

Ketsuno-seimei mug.png
Ketsuno Seimei
結野 晴明
Ketsuno-ana mug.png
Ketsuno Crystal
結野 クリステル

Other Related Characters[edit | edit source]

Shirino-douman mug.png
Shirino Douman
巳厘野 道満

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