Justaway (ジャスタウェイ, Jasutau~ei) is a merchandise-line of dull looking figurines created by Banzou. In truth, these small toys are actually destructive bombs that Banzou sells to the Jouishishi without attracting the attention of the Shinsengumi as they only appear to be harmless toys. Its explosive power and usability can be compared to that of a hand grenade, and it is a recurring item in Gintama used by many principal characters.

A Justaway Wind chime.

 It made its first appearance in Episode 32, as Yamazaki, a spy working for the Shinsengumi, was in incognito and inspecting a factory producing these Justaways. At first, he highly questioned the purpose of these red, cylindrical figures, but later came to realize they were actually small bombs, which the plant Boss was planning to use to overthrow the Bakufu.

Since their first appearance Justaways have made numerous cameo appearances in Gintama including as keychains, wind chimes, on mayonnaise bottles, on men's briefs, on snack packaging, and even ranked 22nd place on the 2nd Popularity Polls, surpassing Sarutobi Ayame, much to her dismay.Template:Clear


Memory Loss ArcEdit

The Justaways is first seen being manufactured in the Mamushi factory by a number of displaced samurais, and it was supervised by Banzou. Yamazaki Sagaru, a spy working for Shinsengumi, decided to become a factory worker just to inspect the Justaways, and much to his chagrin, he also meets the amnesiac Gintoki and Kondo (aka Gori) in his break time. As he attempted to bring Kondo back to the Shinsengumi, the amnesiac commander dropped one of the Justaways while being tugged away by Yamazaki, causing to explode, and it ignites an explosive chain reaction. However, the exploded Justaway that Kondo dropped allows the three men, including Yamazaki, to reveal the truth between these boring figurines. Although Kondo carried a few Justaways while retreating, he used one of them to slow down Banzou. During the aftermath, It might have implied that the Justaways are confiscated by the Shinsengumi.

Other JustawaysEdit



The Justtank, equipped with the Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon in Episode 57.

The Justtank was created by the Evil Organization in order to take over Edo. It was powered by 24 stolen Soopah-Powah Batteries, one battery alone can power a single spaceship but 24 made the Justtank quite powerful as the batteries were used to power the Justtank's most fearsome weapon, the legendary Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon.

Justaway StewEdit

Justaway Stew

Justaway Stew

Justaway found in food, here in a pot of stew.

Justaway BreadEdit

Justaway As Bread

Shinpachi has a bag of bread during Benizakura Arc

Justaway found in bread bought from bakeries.

Justaway Alarm ClockEdit

Justaway AlarmClock

Justaway alarm clock

In Episode 171, Gintoki possesses a Justaway animated alarm clock.

 Trivia Edit

  • They appear to be based on grenades from Laputa: Castle in the Sky.
  • Just A Way, a famous Japanese Thoroughbred racehorse, was named after Justaway following his purchase by Akatsuki Yamatoya, who wrote the script of Episode 32.
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