Jigsaw (地愚蔵) is a character featured in episodes 148-149. He kidnaps and locks up Hijikata Toushirou and Okita Sougo, in a attempt to draw out the "true human nature": survival of one's self in a twisted game of death.

Appearance Edit

Although his actual face is never seen, he wears a dark suit with all visible skin covered by bandages and his face was often obscured by a Noh mask. Even when he moved the mask in order to eat in front of them his face was entirely covered by bandages.

Personality Edit

A kidnapper who kidnapped Hijikata Toushirou and Okita Sougo and locked them in a room on the pretext of playing a game of death. He was a parody of the serial killer from the Hollywood movie 'Saw' and despite his claims of being born from nothingness his video feeds are often interrupted by his mother and father, who were overheard calling to their son by the name 'Hiro-kun'. He threatened to blow up the Shinsengumi headquarters if Hijikata and Okita did not sacrifice one of themselves to escape. He was eventually revealed to be a friend of Okita's and the situation having been manufactured in order to seemingly do away with Hijikata, the next target presumably Gintoki. He is fan of the Famitsu line of videogame magazines.



Shinsengumi Death Game ArcEdit

He kidnapped Hijikata and Okita during their night patrol and made them participate in his death game. He introduced himself and explained the rules. While he was making his villain laugh, his mother called him to dinner and he closed the TV. From time to time, he opened the TV and checked on Hijikata and Sougo, however, he always got scolded by his parents. The death game turned out to be a collaboration between Sougo and Jigsaw at the very end, and Jigsaw stated that he is looking forward to their next target.


  • Has a highly sadistic nature
  • Wears a mask concealing his face, which he removes to eat
  • Seems to have a liking for yoghurt
  • Despite his attempt at a mysterious attitude, he fails due to his Mother お母さん and Father お父さん interrupting him
  • Keeps a dog named Kikuzou 喜久蔵
  • At the end, revealed that he was collaborating with Sougo to eliminate Hijikata, with plans for Gintoki's disposal next
  • Based on the character Jigsaw in the movie series "Saw "
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