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The items featured in Gintama range far and wide from traditional Japanese items to incredible sci-fi machinations. Being based in ancient Japan after its invasion by aliens, the series manages to mix more historic items such as katana and traditional style architecture with modern ideas like convenience stores, mopeds and television, not to mention the rather liberal application of science fiction, primarily Edo's terminal station which features high tech design, numerous airships nearby and some form of teleporter system. Over all, Gintama somehow manages to bring together these three styles into the working world of Gintoki and his friends




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Time bombEdit

Used by Katsura Kotarou. A round metal ball with a digital counter on it above a few buttons, this is the typical explosive used by Katsura in his Joui activities. Despite being quite liberal with these devices early in the series, as Katsura became less extreme in his methods, he tended to use them less to avoid innocent casualties, as shown in Episode 120 when he decided against blowing up an exclusive Amanto-only restaurant.
Katsura Kotarou's time bomb


Gintoki's BokutōEdit

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Shinsengumi KatanasEdit

Muramasha cursed sword
Episode 101
長船 Osafune Mark II
Episode 101
菊一文字 Kiku-ichimonji RX-78
Episode 101
虎徹 Kotetsu Z-II
(read as 'Z-Second')
Episode 101
Used by Hijikata Toushirou, this sword, borrowed from the swordsmith while his own sword is being repaired, is possessed by the vengeful spirit of an Otaku. When first acquiring this sword, Hijikata underwent a transformation into the spineless otaku "Tosshi" When the Shinsengumi was in danger, he finally overcame the curse and helped save Shinsengumi from being destroyed by Kiheitai. Despite overcoming the curse, Hijikata occasionally suffers some of the side effects. The otaku spirit is finally laid to rest in Episode ? of the Otsuu Fan Club Chapter. Used by Yamazaki Sagaru, he was quite proud of this sword. Used by Okita Sougo, this sword had a built in MP3 player and made a much deeper bass note when swung than other swords.

verify: it says bass sounds diff, not deeper? Offers continuous playback of 124 hours verify: memory card?

It is named RX-7 in the manga.

Used by Kondou Isao, this sword had a hair-removing roller attachment. Feeling outdone, Okita asked to try out the sword, only to end up snapping it against a rock. This sword is named as such because the real life person Kondou is based off supposedly wielded a fake Kotetsu sword.

Murata swordsEdit

Benizakura bio-mechanical swordEdit
Made by Murata Tetsuya and used by Okada Nizou. A Cyber sword that collects data and learns as it fights. Previously suspected of being a demon sword, it is just highly advanced technologically. After being used by Nizou for some time, it eventually fused with him, robbing him of his sanity and turning him into a living weapon. Despite being able to destroy several Anti-Foreigner faction ships with this blade, the Cyber Sword Benizakura was eventually beaten by the sword made by Murata Tetsuko.
The Benizakura bio-mechanical sword as part of Nizou's arm
Nameless katana made by Murata TetsukoEdit
Murata-tetsuko sword
Used by Sakata Gintoki. A katana forged by Tetsuko, it looks fairly standard except for the ornate guard shaped like a dragon coiled just above the hilt. The fact that the coiled dragon looks like the typical Japanese depiction of faeces is something Tetsuko is quite aware and seemingly embarrassed about as she struck Gintoki for saying it before he had even finished his sentence in Episode 61. The katana's blade broke after defeating Benizakura at the end of the fight with Nizou.

The nameless katana with a dragon coiled guard

Tatsugorou's katanaEdit

Used by Sakata Gintoki after being defeated by Doromizu Jirocho in their first fight. It belonged to Otose's husband before he died in the war. Now, it is in Otose's home, serving as a memento.
Tatsugorou's katana on a stand along with his Jutte

Yoshida Shouyou's katanaEdit

Used by his former teacher, Yoshida Shouyou and was given to Sakata Gintoki as a young child in the battlefield surrounded by dead corpses. Seems very important to Gintoki since he always had it with him as a child and also used it during the war as the Shiroyasha. (Episode 180)
Gintoki having just received Yoshida Shouyou's katana


Kagura's umbrellaEdit

Used by Kagura, this is a seemingly plain olden style umbrella. Kagura's umbrella both protects her from rain and the sun on her supposedly sensitive skin (She claims its just what the producers say) It is also her primary weapon, acting as a machine gun, melee weapon, and a bulletproof shield. At one point Hiraga Gengai upgraded to umbrella to fire a powerful energy shot, but the umbrella required recharging after only one round. It becomes a temporary soy-sauce dispenser while charging. This function has seemingly never arisen again since.
Kagura's machine-gun umbrella

Housen's umbrellaEdit

Used by Housen in his battle with Gintoki and the Hyakka. It is black, made of steel and is bigger than any other Yato's umbrella seen to date.
Housen's umbrella


Tama's broomEdit

Used by Tama. She can use it as a flamethrower and also as a melee weapon.
Tama's broom



Saburou 三郎 is a large robot built by Hiraga Gengai. It is rather bulky with a giant cylindrical torso, small bucket shaped head and long misproportioned arms. It was named after Gengai's son and at one time sported a cannon. It later returns equipped with a special type of hammer in Episode 167 in order to shrink down the Yorozuya so that they can enter Tama's body and 'cure' her virus.


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Tama is a Robot Maid who was created by Professor Hayashi. Looking much more human despite the headphone-like protrusions in place of ears, she was originally discovered as just a head in the trash by Gintoki who promptly freaked out. However, after a series of events, Tama soon came to work at Otose's bar. She works hard, has become one of the regular minor chacters and possesses a ridiculous attachement to RPG videogames, particularly referencing Dragon Quest normally.


MS-Zura Episode JUMP FESTA

Chemical WeaponsEdit

玉手箱G Tamatebako G
天元寿老砲 Tengen Jurou Hou
Missile vaccine

Kochikama-related weaponsEdit

A virus that causes the victim's eyes to go blank and to grow a bushy "m" shaped unibrow. Anyone afflicted in this manner and will attack others, spreading the virus. Other than the violent behaviour toward the uninfected, the people with the virus will typically act like useless old men, taking up residence in Pachinko parlours, bars and other establishments where stereotypical old men tend to hang out.
RYO-II (virus)
B-超5963 Buchou Gokurousan (vaccine)
莫迦門 Bakamon - the weapon that fires that vaccine

Shooting DevicesEdit

Shinsengumi bazookaEdit

Used by Shinsengumi members, most often by Okita Sougo. Oddly enough, despite being considered the best swordsman in the Shinsengumi, Okita possesses a strange habit of producing a bazooka from nowhere and firing it. As many of these weapons have appeared in the hands of the Shinsengumi, it would appear they are the standard artillery for the group, but it still doesn't explain Okita's constant uses of it.
Shinsengumi bazooka

Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong CannonEdit

Main article: Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon

Mamushi ZEdit

Mamushi Z 蝮Z laser beam cannon was shown in Episode 32.
Mamushi Z

SOL 740Edit

SOL 740 (Stalker Obliteration Laser) used by Otae, Episode 62.
Sol 740


Shinsengumi vehiclesEdit

Patrol car appeared in Mutiny Chapter Episode 105, seem to have 4-wheel driving capability ...
When Shogun visited Snack Smile, tanks and helicopters appeared with the Shinsengumi


Used primarily by Sakata Gintoki, but driven illegally by Kagura in Episode 97 (she is underaged). Originally a simple motor scooter, Hiraga Gengai modified it with several functions including a booster and the ability to fly, although the final function drains the battery very quickly, only allowing it to stay airborne for about a minute.
Gintoki's white Vespa scooter
(after modification by Gengai)


Driven by Hiraga Gengai, it is equipped with a turret, Gengai described it as a "Man's machine" compared to the android maids which it flattened quite easily. Gengai had a CD on hand which when fed into Tama played the theme from Rocky, however, this may not be limited to the Caterpillar vehicle.
Gengai's caterpillar-track off-road vehicle
Sakamoto's Space Shuttle which ran out of gas and crashed into Yorozuya Episode 31
Sakamoto's space shuttle


Strawberry milkEdit

Strawberry Milk
strawberry milk - Gintoki's favourite drink. It was also the key to transforming Sadaharu into his Inugami form as it combined the two ingredients for this to occur.
strawberry milk - Gintoki's favourite drink


parfait - A delicious sundae-like dessert, the spilling of which led to Sakata Gintoki and Shimura Shinpachi's first meeting. While attempting to create Sushi, Gintoki somehow ended up making a chocolate parfait, despite starting with none of the necessary ingredients.


Sukonbu Episode 279
Sukonbu - pickled seaweed, it is rare to see Kagura walking around without some. Aside from Gintoki's copy of Jump, a box of it was the only thing left behind when Shinpachi was confronted by Nekoemon.

Tamago YakiEdit

Tamago Yaki / 'Dark matter' - The only thing Shimura Tae is able to cook. This 'dish' resembles burnt ashes and can cause amnesia if consumed.
Shimura Tae's tamago yaki

Bargain DashEdit

Bargain Dash - A brand of Ice cream that is the favourite of Shimura Tae. Name is a spoof of Häagen-Dazs ice cream in real world.
Bargain Dash

Otsuu chipsEdit

Otsuu chips - Bags of potato chips sold under the Otsuu brand name. They supposedly tasted pretty bad, and were labeled as "Indian Corn Poop" flavour, but each packet of chips came with a booster pack of trading cards. When it came to the showdown between Shinpachi and Tosshi to become Otsuu's official fanclub, Gintoki and Kagura had to rush out to buy some as Shinpachi was previously unaware of their existence and had no deck to battle with.
Bag of Otsuu chips

Shinsengumi sausageEdit

The Shinsengumi sausage, found in the fridge of the Shinsengumi Headquarters. Yamazaki supposedly carries it around on missions. It is no different from an ordinary sausage.
Yamazaki with a Shinsengumi sausage

Hijikata specialEdit

Dishes drowned in mayonnaise - A favourite of Hijikata Toushirou, he puts it on everything and has even used a lighter and bazooka shaped like mayo containers. This more often than not repulses everyone around him. At a local restaurant, his regular meal is smothered in mayonnaise and is dubbed the "Hijikata special". Other people less enamoured of it called it "Dog Food".
mayonnaise-heaped noodles? rice? called "Hijikata Special"



nmaibo - Food sticks that are a parody of a popular Japanese corn snack, Katsura Kotarou claims to eat them constantly as their compact nature and long shelf life make them perfect for life on the run. Whilst being interviewed for Television, it was revealed that not only him, but several members of the Joui faction had these food sticks. Katsura, quite strangely, was capable of using a dried out Nmaibo to create a smokescreen to escape the Shinsengumi.



A type of bread preferred by Yamazaki Sagaru during stake out missions. He claims the God of Anpan gives good luck on stake outs, but the longer he goes eating nothing but anpan, the more delusional he becomes. He really hates the stuff.


Gintama 225.mp4 snapshot 15.31 -2014.03.30 23.17.53-
Sakata Gintoki favorite pudding found in Episode 54 when Hachiro's mother eat the pudding also in Episode 225 when all prisoner give their pudding to their bro (Sakata Gintoki).

Pudding Sakata Gintoki favorite pudding


A "safer" alternative to Otae's tamago yaki is the dish tamagokakegohan, literally (raw) egg poured over rice. It only requires cooked rice and some soy sauce if preferred. Kagura loves it so much she "cooks" it everyday when it was her turn to do the cooking in Episode 193.
Kagura's favourite meal


Uji gintoki don
Uji-Gintoki-don - Another one of Gintoki's favourite meal, comprising a bowl of plain boiled rice with a massive heap of sweet red-bean topping.
Uji-Gintoki-don 宇治銀時ドン, a bowl of boiled plain rice with a massive heap of sweet red-bean topping.


Donut Episode 247
Nobume's favorite food
Nobume's Donuts

Literary ItemsEdit

Gintaman ギンタマンEdit

Main article: Gintaman


Shinsengumi uniformEdit

Normal uniform
Captain's uniform

Ladies underwearEdit

Shimura Tae

Men's briefsEdit

Tokugawa Ieyasu's boxers with family crest
Mitsuhide's good fitting briefs
Hideyoshi's stained loose fitting briefs
Nobunaga's western style briefs
The Shogun's extremely elastic whitey tighteys

Men's boxer ShortsEdit

Gintoki's strawberry boxer short
Sougo's boxer short in Episode 184
Sougo's boxer short

Episode 184

Hasegawa Taizou's suit - An old ragged suit

verify: -is it? bought for him by his wife for his first day of work, after disgracing himself, his wife went to apologise to his employer for him. Seeing this, Hasegawa shredded his own suit and went with her. It has since been fixed, but is distinctly ill fitting.

Hasegawa's suit


Shinpachi's glassesEdit

Shinpachi's Glasses - Plain, wire frame glasses. One of the many things that makes Shinpachi undeniably plain. According to Gintoki in Episode 126, they make up 95% of what is Shinpachi.
Shinpachi's glasses

Hasegawa's sunglassesEdit

Hasegawa Taizou's Sunglasses - Supposedly they make up everything he is. The only expensive thing he had left after he was fired. According to the "Spouzer" Kamenashi had, when Hasegawa puts on Kamenashi's sunglasses, his fighting powers are over 600k. (k is for konbu, meaning kelp), but once the glasses are removed, his powers dropped to 1k.
Hasegawa's sunglasses

Sachan's glassesEdit

Sachan's glasses - Sarutobi Ayame's red, horn rimmed glasses, when she loses them she can barely see two feet in front of her.
Sachan's glasses
Modified Sacchan's glasses - After being broken, Gengai repairs Sacchan's glasses, making them some kind of weapon of mass destruction.
  • Her modified glasses can:
  1. Shoot Glasses Beams
  2. Grow some kind of large arms from the temple
  3. Cover Sacchan's body with an armor and give her wings, making her a goddess of war


Spouzer - A parody of the Scouter in Dragonball Z, it measure's male power levels in K units (K syands for konbu, meaning kelp) and female power in O units (O stands for Oppai meaning boobs). The average K points for humans is 360, O is something "cuter" used to measure girls, so it is presumably measured on the same scale just with a different name.

Game ConsolesEdit

Owee Bentendo Game Console Episode 98
Bentendo's Owee game console - A console which is a parody of the Nintendo Wii. It was in high demand and Gintoki, Shinpachi, Kagura and Katsura had to take on the Shinsengumi in a gaming battle in order to win one. The Store Manager when the console was released was a parody on the Narrator from G Gundam. It is also the preferred game console of the bee citizens from Planet Royal Pudding in Episode 185.
Owee Bentendo game console
ZBox game console - is a parody of the Microsoft X-Box 360 and the preferred game console of the bee citizens from Planet Royal Yoghurt in Episode 185.
ZBox game console
QS3 game console - is a parody of the Sony Playstation 3 and the preferred game console of the bee citizens from Planet Royal Jelly in Episode 185.
QS3 game console
QSP portable game console is a parody of the Sony Playstation Portable and the preferred game console of the 2 Queen Bees of Planet Royal Jelly and Planet Royal Yoghurt.
QSP portable game console

Bentendo DS is  a parody of Nintendo DS


Atlus Neo - hair growth solution featured in 30-minute hair commercial starring Umibouzu in Episode 96. When this product is ordered through the hot-line displayed in the commercial, it comes with a free-gift key chain umbrella similar in design to Umibouzu's.
Atlus Neo - hair growth solution
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