This Manual of Style is still work-in-progress[edit source]

  • This wiki displays the romanised Japanese names following the kanji readings, i.e. family name first, followed by first name format. This is different from the usual convention of representing romanised names in first-name-followed-by-family-name in other publications. Contributors are requested to adopt this wiki's format of family-name-followed-by-first-name for all romanised Japanese names in order to be consistent with the kanji names. E.g. Sakata Gintoki 坂田銀時 instead of Gintoki Sakata.

  • Users/contributors shall not modify Shared Templates from Wikia Central without prior permission/discussion with Wikia Central admin, and/or other stake holders. An example of Shared Templates used here is the Template:Manganime footer {{w:manganimefooter}} used at the bottom of the wiki's main page.

  • Layout/formatting of pages should as far as possible be done through templates rather than from CSS style sheets, reason being, templates are accessible to all users (if unprotected) and therefore anyone is free to improve on it. However, CSS styles can only be done by administrators because the files they reside on (e.g. Mediawiki:Common.css, Mediawiki:Monaco.css etc) are protected by Wikia by default, and only administrators/bureaucrats can amend those files.
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