I want to turn into a flower

Hedoro (屁怒絽) is an Amanto who was first introduced in episode 47, giving a flower to the Yorozuya, as he was moving in as their new neighbour and opened a flower shop.


He has 4 siblings: Saburo, Jiro, Goro and Shiro, his parents are still alive and well. He has a young nephew who is fathered by Goro.

In his childhood, he didn't have many friends because children feared his appearance.

He was originally one of the greatest veteran warriors in the universe. Until he moved to Earth and opened a flower shop many years later to avoid any kinds of bloodshed battle.


Hedoro appears as a large, green Amanto with two white horns at the sides of his head. He has dark eyes with red pupils and long, dark-brown hair. On the top of his head he has a small pink flower.


Although his hideous appearance frightens people, he is a green thumb Amanto who loves life on Earth (particularly plants and insects.) He strongly believes in preserving life and goes to extreme lengths to protect living things. An example of this is when he throws a huge knife at Shinpachi and Kagura to stop them from knocking over a pot plant.

In Episode 68, it was revealed that he is afraid of ghosts (particularly Kagura's ghost attire, Shinpachi's Werewolf and Gintoki's Vampire attires), just like Gintoki and Hijikata. When the Yorozuya and Ochi-san were trying to scare him, he went as far as clobbering Ochi-san in process, trying to protect a small bug that was almost stepped on.


He runs a flower shop which was also the reason for a bad hay fever epidemic in Edo. Although the Yorozuya thought badly of him at first, cringing at his appearance and believing he wanted to destroy the planet with the plants he grew in his flower shop, he was later shown to be caring, easily moved and generally very concerned about their well-being.

Later, he was seen at a cinema to be stopping a ruckus, caused by a feud between Sakata Gintoki and Hijikata Toushirou.

Silver Soul Arc


  • Hedoro may be written by its kanji: 'He' means fart, 'Do' means Anger and 'Ro' means Robinmask. Robin Mask is the name of a character in the manga Kinnikuman, which it may be a reference to. Also, Hedoro may also mean sludge.verify: to check against Gintama Official Character Book
  • He lives near the Yorozuya. He introduced himself as 'your neighbor Hedoro' which in Japanese is 'Tonari no Hedoro', this is a parody to a movie called 'Tonari no Totoro/My Neighbor Totoro'.
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