Ofusa to the left and Hashida Kahei holding Hashida Kanshichirou to the right

The Hashida family has been shown to be very wealthy and of high status. The members of the family are also the owners of the Hashida Company. Originally, Hashida Kantarou was supposed to take over the family business after the current head, Hashida Kahei. But when Kantarou, who was in a generally weak condition, passed away, the only remaining heir was Hashida Kanshichirou, the illegitimate son of Kantarou and Ofusa. Ofusa didn't want her only son to be dragged into doing something he didn't want to, so she ran away and left Kanshichirou at the Yorozuya's doorstep. Confusion occurred when Kanshichirou was actually thought to be Sakata Gintoki's son, as they looked very much alike. However, this was later disapproved when Ofusa came clean. She and Kahei would eventually come to an understanding.


Hashida-kahei mug
Hashida Kahei
橋田 賀兵衛
Hashida-kantarou mug
Hashida Kantarou
橋田 勘太郎
Hashida-kanshichirou mug
Hashida Kanshichirou
橋田 勘七郎

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Ofusa mug

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