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“That’s okay. Let me treat you. I couldn’t do anything for you when things were at their worst.”

Hasegawa Hatsu

Hatsu (ハツ) is the wife of Hasegawa Taizou.


Hatsu is a daughter of a well-connected Bakufu official's family. Hasegawa Taizou, who was from a poorer samurai family[1], married into her family.


Her face was never shown fully, with her eyes always covered by Chocolate Brown colour hair. She wears an elegant pale or beige colour kimono with simple floral motif typically, but has been seen in a ragged one with patches when being humble.



Willing to humble herself for her husband's sake, as seen in Episode 95, when she knelt to beg for forgiveness on her husband's behalf (for dressing inappropriately to work) at his superior's house, even though the superior was of lower social rank than her own family.


She left her husband after he lost his job for punching Prince Hata. Despite this, she still worries about him.

She briefly dated a Lawyer, but turned him down. Her husband faced serious legal problems with said Lawyer when he was accused of assault, but managed to pull through.


  • It can be deduced from Episode 155 that Hatsu's birthday is 3rd May for the anime series, based on the date of the horse-racing newspaper that Gintoki is holding dating 2nd May (although there is no verification that Gintoki just had an older newspaper). Manga birthday is 2 Oct/Libra.

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