The logo of the Gintaman anime.

Gintaman (ギンタマン) is a fictional manga series in the world of Gintama written by Amachi and edited by Konishi. It is published in the Gintama version of Weekly Shounen JUMP.

Gintaman's main characters: Gintaman (center) and Pattsuan (right) and Gurako with Sadaharu look-alike (left).

The manga is very similar to the storyline of Gintama, although with a few alterations such as the setting, animation and character design. In fact the characters all directly resemble the characters from Gintama, but with different clothing and facial features.

Gintaman's redesigned look as a parody of Dragon Ball

After Amachi and Konishi met Gintoki the manga took on a more Dragon Ball-like quality, and the manga coined the phrase "Dondake!" which helped to make it famous, and later on the manga received an anime adaptation.

Some time later, Gintaman seemingly returned to its original format, but with ratings going down, Gintoki once again helped revitalize it, introducing Ginta's childhood friend who is a single mother, twin, dentist, basketball playing Big Breastling Amanto from the Planet Big Breasts who can't hold her liquor. Gintaman would eventually get wrapped up in the war between Planet Big Breasts and Planet Flat Breasts much to his dismay. After both planets unleashed their ultimate weapon, both were destroyed in an instant along with Gintaman. The manga ended soon after with a final farewell in the last page of the manga's final chapter.


  • Gintaman - The main character based on Gintoki.
  • Gurako - The secondary main character based on Kagura, which her appearance is a subverted version of her beauty.
  • Patsuan - The third main character based on Shinpachi, which wore a hoodie, jeans and a pair of sunglasses. His only known line is "Dondake!
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