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Hello hello fellow Gintama fans  … i have an undying question.

Episode 231 of Gintama is one of my favorite episodes.  It was aired on October 24, 2011 and the title was: written below:

When You Go To A Funeral For the First Time, You're Surprised By How Happy the People Are


Soushiki tte hajimete ikuto igai to minna akarukute bikkuri suru

According to the episode list here, that episode was within its manga chapter 316 ~ 317.  So i went to the Lessons and Volumes section and lesson 316-317 should be between the Kabukicho Four Devas Arc (Lessons 297 to 309, Volume 34 to 35) and Glasses Arc (Lessons 318 to 321, Volume 36 to 37).

What does this mean?  Does it mean the anime episode 231 was NEVER in the manga to begin with?  Was it only one of the filler episodes of the series?  And if it really came from the manga, can u tell me which volume is it in?  Its gotta be somewhere between volume 34 and 37, yes?

Hope to hear from u soon and have a great weekend!!



the chapters for this episode do exist there in lesson 316 to 317 on Volume 36

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