Excalibur Arc is the 49th arc in Gintama.


The Yorozuya visits Tetsuko's blacksmith shop to resharpen Otose's husband's sword for his death anniversary. While there, they stumble across a sword Amanto who asks for their help in finding his scabbard wife. Things become worse as Gintoki is stuck with this sword up his behind, the sword's wife is in the care of one Okita Sougo and a serial killer wields the most powerful and dangerous Amanto sword... and all three end up colliding in this tale.


Characters in order of appearance

  1. Murata Tetsuko
  2. Shimura Shinpachi
  3. Kagura
  4. Sakata Gintoki
  5. Kusanagi
  6. Okita Sougo (Main Antagonist)
  7. Sayako
  8. Kondou Isao
  9. Hijikata Toushirou
  10. Senbei
  11. Maganagi


  • This is the only arc where Sougo becomes the main antagonist.
  • This is also the first time Gintoki and Sougo fight.
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