This special episode was released as an OVA in conjunction with “JUMP FESTA・ANIME TOUR '05(ジャンプフェスタ・アニメツアー'05, produced by Sunrise. The TV anime started airing in year 2006 4 April, initially on Tuesdays 7pm on TV Tokyo, before being moved to Thursdays from episode 25 onwards.




  • The beginning of this episode is a repeat of part of Episode 3, when Shimura Shinpachi first met Sakata Gintoki.

Katsura's Mecha unit

  • The seller of the mecha that Katsura commissioned mentioned that the designer is 大河原 邦男 Okawara Kunio -
  • 大河原 邦男 Okawara Kunio is the mecha designer for MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM, acknowledged as the forefather of "mechanical designers", as opposed to character designers.
  • He really is the designer for Katsura's mecha unit, his name is listed in the ending credits in this episode.
  • Possible inspirations for the distinct 2-horned headgear on the mecha unit may have come from samurai armour helmet as well as GUNDAM's characters from the Principality of Zeon.
  • For details, refer to Wikipedia Link.
  • The 3 names listed as programme sponsors are:
  1. 集英社 Shueisha, the publisher of Weekly Shounen JUMP
  2. Mamushi Industry マムシ工業, this is a make-believe name. Mamushi is a type poisonous snake commonly known as the Japanese pit viper. The logo shown is that of a twisting snake.
  3. 大江戸テレビショップ Great Edo TV shop, another make-believe name, most likely referring to TV Tokyo. Edo is the old name for Tokyo.
  • ED is using Terakado Tsuu's song 'Your mother is a XX!' 「お前の母ちゃん××だ!」 omae no kaa-chan XX da!
  • This Ova is based on Lesson 17:The Shinsengumi outfit in manga version the shinsengumi wearing their Japanese Clothes and anime version the shinsengumi wearing their uniform.

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