Part A


Old gangmates of Catherine try to convince her to join them on a heist.




Cats-punch group

Cat's Punch - from left to right, kashiwaya(?) 柏谷, Kurikan クリカン, Yoremon 服部 (四ェ門)

Lupin group

Lupin & Collaborators - from left to right, Ishikawa Goemon 石川 五ェ門, Mine Fujiko 峰 不二子, Arsène Lupin III ルパン三世 & Jigen Daisuke 次元 大介


Gintama's Cat's Punch Opening Scene


Lupin the 3rd Opening Scene

Cameron-diaz spoof

Gintama Spoof of Charlie's Angels (2000)

  • This episode's part A is in general a parody of the 'Lupin the 3rd' anime/manga series:
    • The name '山野井' was mentioned in the left side-heading in the beginning - this refers to 山野井仁 Yamanoi Jin, who is the seiyuu for Kurikan of Cat's Punch in Gintama
    • クリカン Kurikan - Kurikan's name was derived from ルパン三世 Arsène Lupin III's seiyuu 栗田 貫一 Kurita Kanichi, whose nickname is Kurikan
    • 柏谷 ? kashiwaya
    • 服部 (also called 四ェ門) Yoremon - 石川 五ェ門 Ishikawa Goemon always carries a sword called 斬鉄剣 Zantetsuken, which is why Kurikan asked Yoremon for the sword to cut off Catherine's ears
    • Catherine キャサリン replaces the role of 峰 不二子 Mine Fujiko
    • Refer to Cat's_Punch_キャッツパンチ for more details on the characters.
  • The name Cat's Punch キャッツパンチ - This moniker was 'inspired' by the name 'Monkey Punch' モンキーパンチ, which was 加藤一彦 Katou Kazuhiko's pen-name when he created the Lupin series of manga. 'Lupin the 3rd' TV series first aired in 1971. For more details, refet to Wikipedia Link
    • This Gintama episode's entire opening sequence is a parody mish-mash of Lupin the 3rd's opening and ending sequence
    • Midway through part 1 of this Gintama episode is a spoof of Natalie Cook (Cameron Diaz) in white body suit infiltrating Redstar's mainframe in the movie Charlie's Angels (2000)
  •  ? small old man - check lupin storyline?
  •  ? jewel from small country - check lupin storyline?
  •  ? leaping from stone to stone from cahsing waves
  •  ? housewife of multi-unit apartment 団地 danchi

Part B


Gintoki gets the flu and Kagura takes over as his replacement as the Yorozuya boss for one day.




  • Kagura replied 'Saru ippiki, kokoro wa samurai', meaning 'A monkey, a samurai at heart' when asked by Kawasaki their address - this is referring to 長渕剛 Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi's song titled 猿一匹、唄えば侍 'Saru ippiki, utaeba samurai' which translates to 'A monkey, if it sings a samurai'
  • グラサン gurasan - this is slang for sunglasses as well as being Shinpachi's new name for Kagura the-mini-Gintoki, which is why Kagura asked what is on Madao's (Hasegawa Taizo) face. The regular term is サングラス sangurasu.