When Riding A Train, Make Sure You Grab The Straps With Both Hands (電車に乗る時は必ず両手をつり革に, Densha ni noru toki wa kanarazu ryōte o tsurikawani) is the ninety-fourth episode of the Gintama anime.


Hasegawa finally gets a job. Because of that, he is thinking of restoring his relationship with his wife who is separated. There's one thing that worries him. While he is talking on the phone with Hatsu, he hears the voice of a man he doesn't know. Hasegawa asks Gintoki to see whether Hatsu has been cheating on him. To add to his misfortunes, on his way home, he is arrested when he is mistaken for a molester. Gintoki visits Hasegawa in the jail and tells him his findings…


Hasegawa contacts his former Hatsu to inform her of a new job he's managed to get. While Hatsu is overjoyed by the news, the conversation is cut short due to a man's voice on the other line. The following day, Hasegawa takes a train ride to his new job and meets Gintoki on there. He informs Gintoki about the other man he heard on the other side of the phone and wants to hire him to gather intel on said person. Although Gintoki believes that his new job is a shady one, Hasegawa believes otherwise. Gintoki accepts the job and as Hasegawa leaves the train claiming he's counting on Gintoki. Hasegawa ends up in an incident where he uses the Kinniku Buster on a woman.

Afterward, the Yorozuya visit Hasegawa in prison. A neurotic, sardonic, and disconcerted Hasegawa begs to be killed while Gintoki tries to reason with the emotional Hasegawa. Gintoki's efforts are proven futile as Hasegawa as a major meltdown causing him to punch Hasegawa through the glass divider window. He then goes on a tirade about how he cares for Hasegawa, going as far as to lend him a special DVD. The DVD was a movie that's theme was about molesters, making Hasegawa has no faith in him. Despondent, Hasegawa requests that the Yorozuya leave him. Once their gone, Hasegawa opens the Yorozuya's envelope that contained pictures of the person Hatsu is going out with now. The person in question visits Hasegawa, to ask him some questions.

Walking home, the Yorozuya talk about the man Hatsu is going out with now, Haga Kenji, a prosecutor. Back at the prison, Haga requests that Hasegawa fill out the divorce papers. Vehemently against filling out the papers, Haga then emotionally manipulates Hasegawa and leaves. Back at the Yorozuya home, Hatsu meets with the Yoruzuya. The following day, Gintoki is told by Hasegawa his encounter with Haga. In turn, Gintoki delivers a special something to Hasegawa from Hatsu. Feeling a second wind, Hasegawa steels his resolve in getting out of this situation unscathed.

On the day of the trial, Gintoki is revealed to be Hasegawa's attorney.



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