Toujou has the Yorozuya help him make Kyuubei into more of a girl. Gintoki's solution... a Gokon.




  • Rofuto is a spoof of loft, a chain store in Japan that mainly sells household goods.
  • Toujou Aya is the main heroine of Ichigo 100%.
  • Koujien is a single volume Japanese dictionary, considered by many Japanese to be the most authoritative dictionary.
  • A parody of "One-eyed Dragon" general Date Masamuse, who lived during the period of the Warring States, However, he was blind in the right eye, not the left.
  • Shihei = suicide corps.
  • yamato class battleships are the largest naval vessels of World War 2 as well as the largest and heaviest ever constructed.
  • Mariana Trench = the deepest point in the ocean bed, located in the West Pacific Ocean.
  • In these scenes are several parodies of the anime Kyou no Go no Ni (Today in 5-2).
  • In the scene where they are looking for the participants for the gokon the theme music is similar to the one from Detective Conan
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