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Hard-Boiled Egg On A Man's Heart (男は心に固ゆで卵, Otoko wa kokoro ni katayude tamago) is the eighty-fourth episode of the Gintama anime.



A washed-out detective, Kozenigata Heiji, tells his tale about his 10-year-long quest of pursuing a thief who turned from being righteous to being evil.


The episode starts with three short stories about the life of a 'hard-boiled' detective and his 'hard-boiled' life, told through still image and voiceovers.

Yorozuya meet Kozenigata Heiji on one of their jobs.

Afterward, while drinking at a street stall, Kozenigata gets a call on his cell that there was an 'incident.' The thief Chogoro the Foxfire that Kozenigata has been chasing for ten years has struck again, killing everyone in the process of the robbery. Kozenigata intercepts the detectives that are chasing the thief but is unable to help because he is too drunk. Here he meets Yorozuya who are all dressed as foxes for another one of their jobs, and after some misunderstanding, they help him to the police station where Kozenigata gets chewed out for letting the thief escape. As a result, he is suspended.

Kozenigata, Gin, Shinpachi, and Kagura all go back to the street stall to drink, and Kozenigata fills them in on the story of his 10-year quest to catch the thief. It appears that the thief used to be Robin Hood-like in character and somewhat admired by the detective. It also becomes apparent that Kozenigata is not 'hard-boiled' at all but is a bit of an awkward coward who only acts and looks 'hard-boiled.'

Kozenigata's assistant Haji soon comes running up to the stall, saying that the thief has left a note saying where he is going to strike next, stealing the Golen Fried Tofu statute from the Oedo Museum. The detective pays with a plate of coins that the elderly stall owner passes to the Yorozuya, asking them to take care of his customer who has been coming there to complain to him for 10 years.

At the museum, with tight security, Yorozuya and Haji are hiding in the bushes outside and Kozenigata shows up in a bathrobe on a motorcycle and a large glass of wine. When Kagura gets on it to pretend like she is riding it, she loses control and rides straight into the museum, which the gang used as a distraction to sneak through the back.



  • Camus, which Kozenigata keeps referring to, is a type of French Cognac.[1]
  • In the episode, Kagura is singing "Cat's Eye" theme song by Anri. The song is also played during the grand sponsors screen at the end of the episode.