Rank Has Nothing To Do With Luck (運に身分は関係ない, Unni mibun wa kankei nai) is the eighty-third episode of the Gintama anime.


Due to all the hostesses catching colds, all of them have taken sick leave except for Otae, who ends up being the only hostess available at Snack Smile.


Otae is the only one not sick.

Desperate for hostesses, the manager desperately begs Gintoki for help with finding hostesses after receiving word that an important guest would be visiting the next day. As they all struggle to get ready, the honorary guest walks in.


Otae's boss hires the Yorozuya to find replacements to serve as his hostesses due to most of them being sick. Gintoki enlists Kyuubei, Ayumu, Catherine, and Sachan to help assist as hostesses.

Catherine and Ayumu end up knocking themselves out after slipping on lotion, and the manager also ends up unconscious after slipping as well, leaving Gintoki and Shinpachi to take Catherine and Ayumus places as Pachie and Pako. Matsudaira walks in accompanied by the Shinsengumi, and discover the important customer turns out to be the shogun. Gintoki and Shinpachi realize who the guest is, while the other girls thought that the Shogun was joking when he told them that he was Tokugawa Shige Shige. Matsudaira suggests the shogun and the hostesses play a game of drawing sticks where whoever draws the stick lettered with "shogun", gets to order one of the numbers around. The game continues until the shogun is unintentionally stripped naked and forced to go out and buy underwear, and the entire thing ends up with the Shogun running outside to buy underwear and the hostesses begging up the Shinsengumi.

The Shogun running to buy briefs.

At the end of the Episode, Kyubei buys underwear for the Shogun who is sitting naked on a bench by the river. Kyubei apologizes to him, but the Shogun replies that he had fun. When passing the bag to him, the Shogun brushes her hand, causing Kyubei, who is still disgusted by the touch of a man, to throw him into the river along with the bench.



  • The differences of Anime, Mange and Live Action.
    • In anime and manga Gintoki and Shinpachi in towels and live action Gintoki and Shinpachi in dresses.
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