People Who Are Picky About Food Are Also Picky About People, Too (食べ物の好き嫌いが多い人は人間の好き嫌いも多い, Tabemono no sukikirai ga ōi hito wa ningen no sukikirai mo ōi) is the seventy-eigth episode of the Gintama anime.


The battle at the Yagyu family premises continues.


Shinpachi and Kondou find Okita and Nishino unconscious with their plates broken. Upon Shinpachi's examination, Okita lost due to his broken ankle. Kondou, however, is in denial about Okita's loss and swears vengeance. Shinpachi then finds a cellphone there and while perusing it for evidence, he finds a picture of Kagura taking a selfie after defeating the two. Sequentially, Shinpachi destroys the phone to hide the evidence from Kondou. Heading into a different room, the two find Hijikata and Kitaooji enjoying a meal together. The two share their thoughts on their avid condiment tastes during the meal and when they finish, they start fighting.

Kitaooji has a thorough understanding of Hijikata's heavily uses his instincts with his swordplay. Because of this, Kitaooji easily starts the fight to his favor. Kondou corroborates Kitaooji's analysis disclosing the sword style the Shinsengumi uses. The dichotomy between the two sword styles, the Yagyuu style is the one that more dominant. As the fight continues, Kitaooji knocks Hijikata over a bridge, into the water, and suggests that his opponent should surrender. Emerging from the bridge and Hijikata lands a blow on Kitaooji's right shoulder. He also manages to fake out Kitaooji claiming he has his plate, however, it was one thrown at him after their meal. Distracted by the fake-out, Kitaooji is hit off the bridge and into the water. After the two taunts one another over each other's logical perspectives, they continue fighting. While Hijikata starts fighting in a way he's more attune too, Kondou reveals Hijikata's backstory before he joined his dojo.

In the end, Hijikata manages to win his fight by hiding his sword in the water and launching a furtive attack.



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