Driving across Edo in Gengai's tank for the final confrontation with 502, the gang is intercepted by a giant robot maid.


A giant robot maid causes the tank and Gengai to fall, but the rest of the gang jumps onto Sadaharu to continue their journey.


Gengai driving the tank.

After defeating the maid, Kagura and Sadaharu also fall into the chasm. Gintoki and Fuzuo-0 (who is now exhibiting emotions) confront 502, only for Fuzuo-0 to defend 502 from an attack by Shinpachi. However, this was a trick by Fuzuo-0, who restrains 502 as Kagura, Sadaharu and Gengai arrive as back-up. Gintoki defeats 502 with the help of Kagura, Shinpachi and Fuzuo-0. As the terminal begins to become damaged by an energy overload, Fuzuo-0 sacrifices herself to fix the problem as the others escape.


Fuzuo-0's new life at Otose's bar.

After the commotion dies down, Gin brings Gengai Tama's head which he says he can't sell because it is empty. Gengai tells him to throw it away, but Gin says he doesn't know if it is combustible or not. Gengai implants Fuyou-0's original personality without memories into her previous head, and she is placed in Otose's bar as a new employee.


  • In the manga (Ch. 146), Kozenigata and Haji makes a slight appearance as members of the police force trying to stop the robots. Due to the inconsistency of the arragement of the episode chapters, they are not yet introduced until Episode 84 (Ch. 135).

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