Jump's preview for the next issue is not accurate (ジャンプの次号予告は当てにならない, Janpu no jigou yokoku wa ate ni nara nai) is the sixty-third episode of the Gintama anime.


Zenzo is hired to kidnap Okuni-sama, a young girl who can see the future, while Yorozuya are hired to protect her!



Zenzou's inner monologue describes Samurai are like Dogs while Ninjas are like cats, all while making a pizza delivery. During this delivery, Gintoki runs into his butt with his scooter. After an argument, Zenzo goes on his way, afraid to be late for his delivery. Arriving at a temple, he meets a young girl, Okuni-sama, who tells him to be quiet so she does not get caught getting a pizza. Unfortunately, instead of a pizza, Zenzo is holding JUMP magazine which Gintoki dropped earlier. Okuni-sama says she doesn't mind taking the JUMP instead, pays him for the delivery, and warns him of a great misfortune on his butt. Gintoki runs his scooter into Zenzou's butt again and the two get into an argument again.

The next day, Zenzou speaks with Saizou about a new job to kidnap a clairvoyant girl named Okuni. Following his meeting with Saizou, Zenzou visits Okuni who was expecting him. The two then enjoy eating pizza and reading JUMP together. As they talk about various things, the old ladies who are Okuni's guardians call out for Okuni. Afterward, the Yorozuya are hired to protect Okuni, much to her dismay. The Yorozuya, however, are officiously insistent on being her bodyguards.

On a full moon night, Zenzou with a large group of ninjas infiltrates Okuni's mansion. Fleeing to the main room, Okuni is confronted by Zenzou and is soon joined by his comrades. In an unorthodox move, Zenzou betrays his comrades and the likely hood of him surviving after his betrayal is 0%. The odds scintillate Zenzou's gumption as his former comrade Saizou appears. The two skirmish and what appears to be that Zenzou was killed by Saizou, in fact, it's vice versa. Zenzou manages to survive, due to a Shojo Manga he had that he was going to give her. Following the failed attempt at trying to kidnap Okuni, Zenzou returns to being a pizza delivery person and gets his butt rammed by Gintoki's scooter again.



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