Kagura sneaks onboard the suspicious ship and comes face-to-face with Takasugi.


Under a bright moon, Kagura infiltrates the suspicious ship and faces off with Takasugi. Moment that she daunted in the odd signs, Kagura became attack from behind. The Ronin who leds Takechi Henpeita is listening ahead the escape signed a two akimbo of Kijima Matako.In the melee, bullets Matako to be bombarded in Kagura still be rampage. Kagura continue to fight even if pierced his leg, a shoulder, into the factory part of the ship soon. Shinpachi has deposited his sister Tae in the serious injury of Gintoki, visit the source of the swordsmith Murata Tetsuya.It was Tetsuya to surprise that it failed to recapture the Benisakura, sword in the hands of Tsujigiri, but listening to the mysterious power of Benisakura, had a talk the soul of the swordsmith happily. Then Shinpachi's visited It was Elizabeth. In front of a sword stuck in the top of the hill, to Elizabeth stands alone wet in the rain, Shinpachi show the letter of the Kagura Sadaharu brought back. I can not show Gintoki you have suffered a grievous wound, the letter. . . .



  • 赤マルジャンプ Akamaru Jump is a special manga supplement to Weekly Shounen Jump that is published 3 times a year (during Golden Week in May, Oban holiday in July, Year-end/year-beginning) featuring one-off mangas from new and existing manga artists without serialization. Fro more information, refer to Wikipedia Link, full details in Japanese version.
  • 身体中のタンよ オラに力を!! shintai naka no tan yo 'Aura' ni chikara o!! - dragon ball reference?
  • spit on right cheek vs on left cheek - keep spit on left cheek saying?

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