Mothers Everywhere Are All the Same (どこの母ちゃんもだいたい同じ, Doko no kāchan mo daitai onaji) is the fifty-fourth episode of the Gintama anime.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

A mother from the country "adopts" the Yorozuya so they can help her find her missing son.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Gintoki and Kagura are awoken at the Yorozuya headquarters by a strange woman. The woman acts like a typical mother and makes breakfast for them. Upon Shinpachi's arrival she makes breakfast for him as well. When the woman leaves to take out the trash, the group wonders who she is and they all deny that she's their mother, the woman returns and chastises them for talking while chewing and to chew properly.

Once the Mother returns, she informs the Yorozuya she's looking for her son, Hachiro who came to Edo 5 years ago. Once their payment is decidedly settled, the Yoruzuya with the woman visit Otose and Catherine for any leads. The two, however, give none and thus the group scour Edo inquiring people if they've seen Hachiro anywhere. This too turns out to be a failed effort. Gintoki then has an epiphany that Hachiro could have undergone plastic surgery. The Yorozuya then draw a plausible appearance he could have taken on, the photo of Hachiro. The resulting picture looks implausible, however, a man that greatly resembles the picture they drew and has the name Hachiro passes by them. When the Yorozuya were about to tell the woman that they've found her son, they see that she's gotten herself into a confrontation with a group of gyaru. While Shinpachi and Kagura go after Hachiro, Gintoki deals with the woman's problem. The woman's situation escalates when a couple of men associated with the Gyaru ladies try and harm her. As Gintoki handles the two men while the woman chastises the gyaru ladies, Hachiro appears with his boss Honjou Kyoushirou. Hachiro then beats up one of the men named Kankichi. Kyoushirou the owner of a popular boy host club apologizes for his employee Kankichi's behavior and brings them to his host club Takamagahara.

At the club, Kagura is pampered by the host club attendees, while Gintoki and Shinpachi feel out of place. The woman tries to goad Gintoki into leaving to continue searching for her son. Little did she know that her son has already been found and is believed to be working at the club. Kyoushirou then appears and starts to talk with Shinpachi about his relationship with Hachiro. It's at that moment a man by the name of Kurogoma Katsuo arrives and subdues Hachiro. Katsuo's reason for being there is because Hachiro earlier that day subdued Kankichi, who is a relative of his boss and he's there for compensation. The woman intervenes and tries to mediate the situation, but the Yorozuya intervene as well now dressed as hostesses.

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