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The Shogun, Tokugawa Nobu Nobu, offers to take the Joi warriors as his official army to negotiate with the Altana Liberation Army. While the citizens of Edo continue fighting to keep the Amanto troops at bay, the negotiations take an unexpected turn.


Katsura and Sakamoto are discussing about Utsuro's plans. The discussion evolves into a debate over sauces and seasonings which later evolves into an argument over two popular couples. Meanwhile, others ponder over how they can negotiate with the Altana Liberation Army to stop the war when the army would not even hear them out. They are interrupted by Nobu Nobu, who offers to take them as the Shogun's official army. Nobody likes the idea of being Nobu Nobu's retainers, given their past experience with him; however, he denies labeling them as his retainers as he believes himself to be a mere puppet. Kagura pours a mixture of sauces onto his food in anger.

He manages to convince them and takes Katsura and Sakamoto along with him to initiate talks with the Altana Liberation Army. However, Nobu Nobu found himself at a loss for words and ended up asking to use the toilet as he had been suffering from stomachaches since the meal. The three end up borrowing the army's sweatpants and watching Star Wars at night. Katsura conveys this to a shocked Shinpachi and promises to start negotiating for real from the next day. Shinpachi informs him about the situation at his end, telling him about the atrocities committed by the Amanto and the revolt by the citizens of Edo led by the Four Devas. The Yagyuu family rallies the citizens to fight for their town, Sacchan and the Oniwabanshu monitors the army at night and Yoshiwara closes up its ceilings once again to act as a safe refuge for elderly and child residents.

While negotiating with the Altana Liberation Army, Nobu Nobu gets a sudden urge to go to the toilet again. He tries to leave the negotiating table, but is prevented by Katsura and Sakamoto. His face clearly gives away his uneasiness, which Shijaku mistakes for fear. Nobu Nobu could hold it in any longer and states that he would end up "launching" something. This leaves the Amanto confused. They interpret his sentence as a threat; assuming that he is going to launch secret missiles or explode a bomb from within his stomach. Anticipating ill intentions, Shijaku's troops surround him. The attack causes Nobu Nobu to let out a fart, which renders the surrounding guards unconscious. Baffled and taken aback by the power of his "weapon", Shijaku orders everyone to evacuate and orders ships to get away from the main ship, S.S. Heavenly Bird at once.  

While the troops leave the conference room, Shijaku stays behind, refusing to abandon his ship. He then squats in the same position as Nobu Nobu, and tries to fire a "weapon" too. Having reached their limits, both Nobu Nobu and Shijaku answer the call of nature right there. Shijaku swears Nobu Nobu to secrecy and in exchange, offers to negotiate with the elders.  

Later, the three return to Earth to convey that the Amanto troops will not be withdrawn but will be disciplined. They are satisfied with the fact that they have made a reliable friend in the liberation army, though the friendship was primarily due to the mutual promise between the Admiral and the Shogun to conceal their embarassment.



  • The couples being discussed in the beginning of the episode were actual celebrity couples; the first one being a famous Japanese baseball player, Yu Darvish and his wife Seiko, and the second one being Helen, one of the top actresses in Japan in her time, and her husband, Nishikawa Kiyoshi, a comedian.