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The Altana Liberation Army has taken over Edo and destroyed the Space Terminal. The troops stationed on Earth are wreaking havoc in the country and harassing the civillians. 

Plot[edit | edit source]

The episode starts with Hasegawa struggling to grab a coin from under a vending machine as bystanders wonder if he's stuck under the machine. Just when the police is pulling him out, the terminal explodes with a loud bang. The explosion causes panic and the people of Edo try to escape from the resulting wave of sand that approaches them. Just then, Hasegawa manages to grab the coin, only to find out that it was from a children's bank.

Hundreds of Amanto troops are seen marching throughout the country. While the Yorozuya had been gone, the Bakufu was overthrown and the Altana Liberation Army had taken control of Edo. Tsukuyo, Sarutobi, Tae, Kyuubei and Tama watch as the Amanto patrol, recalling their atrocities. 

Hasegawa is again seen reaching towards a coin under a vending machine, this time being noticed by the army troops. One of them mocks him by throwing some coins on the ground, only to spit on those. When they leave, Hasegawa picks those coins up. It is later revealed that he had collected a lot of money in piggy banks for the Yorozuya on behalf of the citizens of Edo for a job request (to save Earth). Later, Tae and Otose find all the money and the letter requesting a job, and leave letters from Kyuubei, Tsukuyo, Sarutobi and Gengai. 

Hasegawa turns over a new leaf and appears before the troops as the Immigration Bureau Chief to save a child who was being threatened for bumping into one of the Amanto soldiers. He asks to meet their boss but was instead beaten up and dragged, only to run into Prince Hata, who he had once defied. Meanwhile, Sarutobi, Tsukuyo and the Yagyuu family retaliate against the troops in their own areas. 

The Amanto reach Snack Otose to loot their home and destroy the Yorozuya signboard, which sends the letters flying. Just when Tae and Tama were being taken into custody by them, Gintoki grabs one of the letters. The Yorozuya have returned to fight back. All the citizens of Kabuki district, inluding the Kamakko club and the Yakuza, launch an all-out attack on the Amanto. Saigou asks Gintoki if they had a chance of winning the war. Gintoki replied that there was no way they could win and have to stop the war from happening in a verbal battle instead.

Meanwhile, in space, Sakamoto and Katsura bring the Shogun, Tokugawa Nobu Nobu, as an envoy from Earth to negotiate with the Altana Liberation Army.

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