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Galaxy Kingdom Bitches 48 steal Otsu-chan's fanbase. Gin, Shin, and Kagura, compete against GKB48 in a meet and greet contest.

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Shinpachi explains that Galaxy Kingdom Bitch 48 was a special idol unit that consists of the best members of top idol groups across several planets. They travel from planet to planet to clinch the top idol position and were now targeting Otsu's position as the top idol in Edo.

The group conducts a meet-and-greet behind closed curtains, with Takachin being the first to experience it. After moving from tent to tent and finally appearing only in his underwear, the male fans rushed into the tents and came out basking in the afterglow from the experience. Seeing that her fans have abandoned her and were practically worshipping GKB48, Otsu runs away from the scene in tears. Shinpachi chases after her, and Gintoki carries a sleeping Kagura away.

The next day, news of the "illicit affairs" between Shinpachi and Otsu, as well as Gintoki and Kagura, appeared on the newspapers. GKB48 had photoshopped their images onto a background of a love district, as a ploy to bring down Booger Diamond 48. GKB48 releases a online video challenging Otsu to an idol battle to see which group could attract a bigger fanbase to their meet-and-greet. The Yoruzuya accept the challenge in order to return her the favour of giving her fans hopes and dreams (and to make more money).

The Yoruzuya showed up at the Oedo Dome the next day for the challenge. The leader of GKB48, Bichie, refused to take them seriously and launched an attack against them. The Yoruzya had an ace up their sleeve - the strongest combat backing band in the universe, the Diamond Vacuum. The first challenge was to see which idol group could attract more fans to their respective meet-and-greet. Almost immediately, fans flock to GKB48's line. Bichie mocks Gintoki, stating that it was never a battle to determine the greatest idol group but rather a public execution of their rival unit. Unfazed, Gintoki tells her not to be distracted during a battle and to pay attention at her enemies at the back.  At the back of GKB48's line, Otae and Sacchan begin to insult the fans and mock them for their lack of interaction with girls before, making them lose the desire to attend the fan meet. Bichie said that Gintoki's sabotage would only make the fans distance themselves from Booger Diamond 48. But Kyuubei and Tsukuyo showed up to offer words of comfort to the fallen fans. The four girls apologize the fans and shared that they meant no harm, but were just too shy to approach them. Their tsundere act melts the fans' hearts and cause some of the fans to head over to their line.

Gintoki claims that the battle was neither one to determine the greatest idol group nor a public execution, but one to determine the biggest sluts alive. He brings out portable toilet cubicles and instructs the girls to hide under the stalls, stick their hands out and grab on to anything that the fans put out. The fans get nosebleeds due to their excitement, but Otae punches Gintoki for making them perform perverted acts. A hoard of fans rush over to their line and the girls punch Gintoki for calling them sluts.

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