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Kagura and Otsu start up a full-scale idol unit. In response, the galaxy's strongest idol group sends them a challenge. And at the dueling stage, Diamond Perfume participates as a backup band too!?


As Shinpachi cheers on an Otsu's performance, Gintoki comments that up-and-coming idol groups have now surpassed her in popularity. Gintoki convinces Shinpachi that being in an idol group would help Otsu stay relevant and become popular again. Meanwhile, on the streets, Kagura is scouted by a talent manager from Otsu's company.

The Yoruzuya trio meet Otsu and her mother/manager at their office. Her mother explained that to keep up with the times, they would put Otsu into a time-limited idol unit with a new face to show off Otsu's charms. Shinpachi protests against Kagura joining the unit, believing that she would only drag the team down, but Otsu and her mother believe that Kagura could be a diamond in the rough. Gintoki uses the opportunity to take up the producer role for the new idol unit.

The trio practice and discuss marketing plans for the group, now named Booger Diamond 48. Otae shows up and offers advice about choosing the right backup band, in order to protect the idols' purity and popularity. In reality, she wanted a chance for Diamond Perfume to make their music debut, with Kyuubei on the guitar, Tsukuyo on the bass, Sacchan on the drums and Otae on the castanets.

Shinpachi finds out that members of Otae's fanclub are unable to accept the new pairing. Gintoki organises a "pillow talk" fan meeting to promote the unit and to sell expensive autographed pillows. The meet-and-greet attracted a large group of male fans but Kagura intercepts their attempts to get close to Otsu. Gintoki tries multiple times to salvage the situation, but the group of fans decide to leave.

Seeing the dejected faces of Otsu's fans, a group of galactic idols show up, promising to never disappoint their fans and intent on ruining the chances of Booger Diamond 48.



  • EDO48 is a reference to AKB48 and ChikubiClo Z is a reference to MomoiroClo Z.
  • "Muteki" is a Japanese adult video company which specialises in casting mainstream entertainers, including former AKB48 members, in their adult video debut. 
  • When Kagura was shaking hands with Otsu fans, Shinpachi compared her to Kaoru Hanayama, a character from the anime/manga series Baki where is is known to crush his opponents hands/arms.