The Yorozuya and Tetsuko try to sharpen Kusanagi with little success while learning the reasons behind his weakened state and obsession. At the same time Senbee, or actually the demon sword Maganagi, meets his match with Okita. ...Who decides to use him in their dual....




  • Gintoki's costume is based on the video character Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7.
    • Gintoki's words on the current Final Fantasy games being too advanced and prefers Final Fantasies 3 and 4 could be a nod to the fans' preferring old generation games. 
  • Gintoki's narration is based on Berserk
  • The entire preview references Detective Conan:
    • When Kusanagi mistakenly call Gintoki Kudou, it means Kudou Shinichi/ Edogawa Conan, the main protagonist in the manga/anime. Gintoki responds by calling the sword Ba'rou (short for Baka Yarou, "idiot") in a way that reflects how Shinichi/Conan says it.
    • Kusanagi has the same voice actor (and same noted Kansai accent) as Hattori Heiji, a teen detective from Osaka who is friends with the MC.
    • The background music plus the "Next Conan's Hint" were commonly played during Detective Conan previews.
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