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Goodbye Shinsengumi! And see you next time, Gintama!


Yamazaki writes his last report on what happened since escaping Kokujo Island and his thoughts on the matter. He confesses that he did not know whether what they did, sparking a rebellion against the government, was good or bad, but he understood that the Shinsengumi did not care about being named loyalists or traitors, as long as they could be be in Shinsengumi with Kondou. After escaping, Kondou wonders if there was another way for he and Isaburo to both live and work together. Hijikata responds that in a sense, they were now working together, to move forward together. Meanwhile, on the same ship's deck, Nobume looks out at the morning sun. Tetsunosuke walks up behind her, admitting his surprise that there was someone close enough to his half-brother to cry for him. He had wished to show Isaburo how much he had grown with the Shinsengumi, the family he never had. He also wished that all his brothers could have shared close bonds, just as the two police groups walked up behind him. Nobume thinks back to how Isaburo chastised her for refusing to answer his emails and sends her first and last text to Isaburo before throwing it overboard. The text writes her her thanks to Isaburo for her name Nobume and the police give the deceased Commissioner a final salute with the Yorozuya, Katsura, and Tae watching from afar.

Yamazaki tells that when Nobu Nobu learned of the rebellion orchestrated by Isaburo, as well as how he manipulated most of the national police forces he joining the rebellion, the enraged Shogun reform the police from ground out. As a consequence, many retainers disagreed with his tactics and left Nobu Nobu's side to join a secret rebellion being led by Matsudaira. Yamazaki notes that in the three months since Nobu Nobu's reign, his problematic administration's popularity has plummeted, creating the air of rebellion in Edo. On a rainy day in Edo, Haji tries to stop Tae, who was both in hiding and taking care of Kozenigata's injuries, from leaving, but the hard-boiled detective lets her go. Tae, as usual, finds Kondou again stalking her, but instead of beating him, shields him from the rain, worried that he would catch a cold. The former Shinsengumi chief, now sporting a permanent scar across his face, sadly wishes that Tae called him a stalker and hit him like she usually did, because she was making it difficult to say goodbye.

In an abandoned shrine, Hijikata grows upset with Katsura's suggestion for Shinsengumi to leave Edo to protect themselves. Katsura states that the symbols of rebellion, Matsudaira, Kondou and the Shinsengumi were still in danger if they stayed, as the Shogun would be desperately trying to hunt them down for sparking the rebellion. The only way to protect Edo was to stay alive. Yamazaki explains in his report that their task was to find sympathizers across the country and establish a base with the ex-police as the core foundation. This, unfortunately, means that they must say goodbye to the city they called home and the people they have formed close relationships with. This includes Kondou's last visit to the Shimura household, Okita coming across Kagura on a bridge for the last time, and Hijikata hanging out with Gintoki in their favourite restaurant for the last time.

Hijikata is amused in the irony that in trying to remain the Shinsengumi, they cannot stay as the Shinsengumi; he wonders what Gintoki will do now since the Yorozuya boss is also now a wanted man. Gintoki decides to remain in Edo; Hijikata is worried for him since the city is without a working police but cuts himself off when he understands Gintoki's reason. On the bridge, Okita comes to the same conclusions while talking to Kagura: by remaining behind, the Shinsengumi can leave the city with no worries as the Yorozuya can protect Edo in their place. Okita refuses to endorse the plan and an annoyed Kagura decides to prove to the sadist ex-cop that they will be fine by throwing him over the bridge. She mocks Okita for being uncharacteristically sentimental and the older teen agrees, deciding that before leaving, he and Kagura will have one last battle to decide who was stronger. At the Shimura residence, Tae tells Kondou that the Shinsengumi, Edo's protectors, will still exist no matter where they go, so their leader should not leave with a gloomy expression but instead with a proud smile; otherwise she will break her promise to Shinpachi about waiting for them with a smile, as she says "goodbye" or "welcome back". Shinpachi enters the room and tells the stunned Kondou that when the man returns, come through the front door, where they will truly treat him as a guest.

Back in the restaurant, Hijikata gives Gintoki his secret stash of alcohol and tells him to drink a little at a time so that when by the time they are finished, Hijikata will return to repay the rest of his debt. Gintoki accepts the alcohol but is confused about Hijikata's words of debt. The debt was for all the times Gintoki had personally helped Hijikata which he will never forget. Remembering how he had helped Hijikata protect both his comrades and his leader in a way where Gintoki had failed in his own past, Gintoki responds that Hijikata repaid his debt a long time ago, adding when Hijikata returns, he should not return with debt but instead with alcohol to share with everyone. The owner makes Gintoki and Hijikata their favorite bowls, red beans and mayonnaise over rice respectively. Just for today though, the two men decide to eat each other's bowls. When they finished, the duo still find the taste awful, causing the old owner to laugh; the two heartily join in. Back at the bridge, the exhausted Kagura and Okita stare each other down and accept that they were not strong enough, reminding themselves of their poor performance against Utsuro. The two swear to each other to not lose to anyone else before they meet again, becoming strong enough to defeat each other and Utsuro. Their fight ends in a draw. At the Shimura residence, Kondou salutes to the Shimura siblings with a smile and a goodbye and the two teens reciprocate.

As the Shinsengumi wait for their transportation, Kondou gives a speech: A group of ronin with no education or status came to Edo to become samurai and the city's protectors. Even though they must leave the city, Kondou proclaims that their dreams are not over and that they will make a promise to return to the city, to their home. As they depart, Yamazaki's voice-over finishes off with a statement that the Shinsengumi's adventures are just beginning and their true path is still far away.


  1. Shinsengumi
    1. Yamazaki Sagaru
    2. Kondou Isao
    3. Okita Sougo
    4. Hijikata Toushirou
    5. Sasaki Tetsunosuke
    6. Saitou Shimaru
    7. Harada Unosuke (cameo)
  2. Mimawarigumi
    1. Imai Nobume
    2. Sasaki Isaburo (flashback)
  3. Jouishishi
    1. Katsura Kotarou
    2. Elizabeth (cameo)
  4. Utsuro (cameo)
  5. Sakata Gintoki
  6. Kagura
  7. Shimura Shinpachi
  8. Shimura Tae
  9. Matsudaira Katakuriko
  10. Hitotsubashi Nobu Nobu (cameo)
  11. Kozenigata Heiji
  12. Haji