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The temperature is at an all-time high and Kagura's Yato DNA kicks in while the Yorozuya are on another job. Due to the heatwave, Gin and Shinpachi join Kagura under her parasol and eventually kick her out, leaving her lying in the dust. However, when they go to check on her, she is not responsive. Gin and Shinpachi then take her to the Oedo Hospital for treatment, but due to lack of information on the Yato, the doctors are unable to do much. In order to get Gin and Shinpachi to regret what they did, Kagura goes through the trouble to fake a worse illness than she actually has.


On a scorching hot day, much to Kagura's annoyance the Yorozuya huddle under Kagura's umbrella. Kagura tries to get her co-workers away from her umbrella, saying that the Yato Tribe cannot stand heat, but they argue that she had appeared plenty of times before without her umbrella and that the show has forgotten her 'premise' When the target they were tailing enters the love hotel district, Gintoki and Shinpachi snatch away Kagura's umbrella to chase him down. They decided to stake out the periphery of the Love Hotel District, but realize that Kagura has collapsed.

At the hospital, the doctor treats Kagura for heat stroke, however, her fever has not subsided. Because the hospital has little to no information on the Yato, the doctor could not give an accurate diagnosis. Guilt-ridden from their selfish actions, Gintoki and Shinpachi pejoratively berate themselves for what they had done. The two then visit the languid and bedridden Kagura who after a brief talk with her, vomits a great amount of blood. Once Gintoki and Shinpachi were escorted out, it was revealed that the blood was actually tomato juice. Kagura simply wanted to make both Gintoki and Shinpachi suffer from guilt for not taking her light sensitivity seriously. What Kagura really had was a summer cold and figures she would stay in the hospital for a week. Immediately after indulging in the hospital's food, she gains a big belly making her look heavily pregnant.

Before Gintoki enters the room, Kagura gets rid of the trash she made from her gluttonous breakfast. When enquired about her huge belly, Kagura tells Gintoki that she was simply bloated from too much sun intake. Taking advantage of the more "considerate" Gintoki, because of his guilt. Kagura has him get her a cup of pudding from the store which he does instantaneously even though the store was two flights down. The two then talk and as they do, they notice Sarutobi, Kondo and Hasegawa by the tree outside her window. Gintoki handily deals with the three nuisances. Feeling that Gintoki has reflected on his actions, Kagura proclaims that she feels better until she profusely vomits from overeating earlier. Rising from her bed, she reveals her ginormous gut and falls backward having a hard time breathing.

Afterward, Kagura is put on life support and is surrounded by close ones. Soon Otose, Tama, and Catherine arrive and offer their condolences to Kagura and attempt to collect last month's rent, to keep up with a sense of normalcy for Kagura's sake The rent, though, is waived as funeral fees. And then Kyuubei, Sarutobi, and Tsukuyo arrive to offer their own condolences. The conversation that takes place after becomes macabre as it involves planning Kagura's funeral. Kagura, who is still lucid and hears everything and her inner monologue chastises them all. Okita then arrives at the scene.