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Gintoki and Hijikata are hit by a truck which results in them both switching bodies.


Kagura and Shinpachi chase Gintoki out of the Yorozuya for forgetting to pay their wages once again. Meanwhile, Hijikata disciplines Yamazaki for relaxing during a stakeout and chases him out of a restaurant. Gintoki and Hijikata cross paths on the road and are consequently hit by a truck passing by.

Gintoki and Hijikata have switched bodies.

Upon waking up in the hospital the doctors ask Gintoki and Hijiikata to state their name and occupation. Gintoki tells them that he is Hijikata Toushiro, Vice-Commander of the Shinsengumi and Hijikata tells them that he is Sakata Gintoki from the Yorozuya. The two of them are dismissed from the hospital and they both head to their usual restaurant. The restaurant owner serves Gintoki a "Hijikata Special" mayonnaise bowl, and Hijikata the "Uji Gintoki" don. Realizing that their souls have been switched, the two discuss what happened to them and what they will do going forward while trying to find a way to return to normal. Gintoki will go on as Hijikata in the Shinsengumi and Hijikata will go on as Gintoki for the Yorozuya.

Tetsunosuke, Sougo and Kondou are waiting for Hijikata.

The next morning the Shinsengumi is surprised to find that 'Hijikata' is late to their morning assembly and at the same time Shinpachi is shocked to find 'Gintoki' disciplining Kagura and Sadaharu early in the morning. Hijikata and Gintoki completely flip the Yorozuya and Shinsengumi. 'Hijikata' abolishes the Shinsengumi Code and turns the Shinsengumi into a biker gang; 'Gintoki' creates the Yoruzuya code and offers to pay back the wages and rent, resulting in Kagura kicking him out the door and Otose exclaiming that a meteorite was going to hit the town, due to the sudden windfall and the drastic change in Gintoki's behaviour. Later, Gintoki and Hijikata meet on a bridge to share their findings and are horrified to see their flipped organizations. About to argue, they are attacked by Kagura and Okita, who destroy the bridge and caused the two men to drop in the river.

Gintoki wakes up to find Tama having saved both men. She tells him that not only she knew that Gintoki and Hijikata switched bodies, but was asked to find them by Gengai so he can return them to normal. At the shop, Gengai reveals that their predicament was caused by a machine called the Fully Automatic Egg-on-Rice Maker, which malfunctioned when the truck carrying it hit Hijikata and Gintoki.



  • Sasaki Animation Academy is a school for animators and voice actors.
  • The Gatotsu (sword technique) and the 'slay evil immediately' phrase comes from Saitou Hajime of Rurouni Kenshin fame.
  • The light blue coats the Yorozuya wears in this and the next episode are based on the actual coats the real Shinsengumi wore.
  • The Shinsengumi's appearance are in reference to the anime Fist of the North Star.